Monday, January 02, 2006
It knows better...
Last night we had a feast. The pasta with the caviar turned out better than any other time, and Angelos brought dessert too when he came home.

We had a lovely night. It felt strange at first. It is really weird to open the door to someone with whom you been living with for almost 9 years and yet feel that a guest came for dinner. He really acted as if he was a guest, and that made things much more flirty and ...ummm...interesting ;)

But boy did we ate! Before, during (dessert was meant to be a sex toy...hehe), and after (cos there was some dessert left ;)!

I woke up feeling blah this morning. And then, it begun!

I got to the freezer, took salmon and tuna fillets out to defrost. Took a shower, had my coffee, squeezed 2 oranges and 2 tangerines, drunk the juice. I instantly regretted is cos I had not weighed in, but decided to subtracy 100 gr from the weight. Ha! I got on the scales and they said 54! I laughed, though my heart beated for a single moment seeing such a small number. Then I got on again. It said "Error". As if I did not know... Then I got on again. And it was dead. Batteries. Well, shops in Greece are closed on Jan.2 due to inventory stuff. So I will get the batteries tomorrow and weigh in on Wednesday. Which shall take care of some of the bloat and which will also be my weigh in day. Then I got dressed, wore flat shoes to work.

Have I told you that there is a small football field right 5 mins away from home? And it has a runners path there too. So I went there, and asked when and if it is open to the public. Well, Mon - Fri its open from 7am to 8 pm, and Sat it's open from 8am to 1pm. Then I called Angelos and told him to tell his boss that he can have my treadmill after all. (I had told him I changed my mind last week and wanted a bit more time to think about it).

Then I walked 5k, then took the bus, and here I am at work.

Although my stomach still feels stuffed, I am feeling so great right now. Oh brilliant walking you always do this to me!!

So tomorrow morning the training for Cto5 begins. Are you excited? Oh I am!

And tonight you will all see Culinary Escapades.

And I will leave now to do some search on faster internet services. I need fast internet at home with all the photies I'm going to post from now on!!!

Posted by Argy at 10:16 am
Blogger Emma said...

Happy New Year to you too! Good to see you got yourself a lovely new puter. Also am excited to watch your progress on the C25k plan! It really does work (if you stick to it, whoops). Here's to a fab 2006 :)

1:46 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

reading through all those posts brings a lot of different feelings for you, almost a hurt for a friend then a relief of triumph for everything youve achieved despite the trials that life shoved in your way.
that old saying of some friends are silver and others are gold, well your name may mean you are made of silver but your heart and spirit shows you are as precious as gold! *kusjes*

2:16 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Wow, it would be great to see 54 on the scales even if it was caused by a dodgy battery :)

The Cto5 sounds fun. I'm doing something like that but can't be bothered with the timing so do it by songs on my ipod.

Woohoo for flirty, fun nights!

4:42 pm

Blogger linda said...

Happy new year. Glad your date with hubby was fun. Good luck with the Cto5. :)

1:41 am

Blogger pjmarty said...

hey there - yes I am back and need you guys more than ever!!!!

thanks for dropping by - look forward to catching up on all the goss again:-)

2:50 am

Blogger linda said...

thanks for dropping by. I am actually on Feb 18th so right on the cusp. We do have similiar stats so we can finish this job together. FYI - I'm a Greek Australian so I find your writing fascinating. Linda.

10:10 am


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