Sunday, January 01, 2006
The recap...
As a professional, I have done the following mistakes:

  • have been too emotionally involved
  • have valued work for more than it really is: fuel to run our lives the way we want

As a wife, I have done the following mistakes:

  • have taken my husband's natural kindness for granted, resulting in taking advantage of it more than once
  • have not made the effort for quality time, by expecting him to do most of the work
  • have stopped being kinky
  • have refused 99% of his proposals to go out to dinner, go see a movie, go to an amusement park, go downtown for window shopping, etc...

As a woman, I have done the following mistakes:

  • have stopped putting day cream and body moisturising on a daily basis
  • had not shaved my legs for more than a month
  • have left the cleaning lady be in control of my home and have left her rearraging stuff to suit her work but not my life
  • have stopped getting regular pedicures and manicures, and have not dyed my hair since July, resulting in showing the ton of grey hair I have
  • have restricted my shopping to work clothes only...and pj's. This states my true situation...I either feel like working or vegging out at home

If you look at all together you will see some relation. I kind of stopped the feast of life I lived before I found out my mom had cancer. As if what happened was a punishment for having all I wanted and more. Childish...bitter...and dealt with too!

I need to pick up from the last. I need to nurture my feminine side. I need to begin pampering myself again. Pedicures, manicures, face creams, some clothes to wear to outings with my husband, some restaurant visits, some movie theatres are all needed. This will help me be a better wife, and work can do little to one's mood and psyche when they are happy and fulfilled emotionally. Not to mentioned when they are well and trully madly shagged ;) My girlfriends cannot unerstand how I can have such a gorgeous man hunting me all day and still go to bed wearing all my clothes. I know why. No matter how much someone shows me they want me, love me, like me, if I don't want me they don't really stand a chance.

So tonight my husband and I have a date. At home. He will leave again in an hour, go to the gym, take his clothes with him to change, and I will take a long bath, cook for him pasta with caviar, get dressed and wear make up, and he will come here as a guest invited for dinner.

As for diet and exercise, I just know I am ready. To finish the job. I still have to think about the procedure. I eat fresh and wholesome by belief. Organic food, no processed junk. I toy with going back to WW or spending a little fortune to see a new holistic med I have heard tons about. But the whole treatment cost a lot, and she does not put you on a diet as we know it, but tells you what you should completely cut of your food lists to be helthy and fit for life.

I know for sure that I want to go somewhere once a week and get the weigh ins. Look at it with a bit of competitive attitude. Not against the rest of the folks trying, more against the weigher themselves.

And I will start the couch-to-5.

All will start on january 8. Not that I plan on being a pig really till then. But I need the time off work that starts the day after tomorrow to regroup and plan and get organised.

Angelos took this photo of me last night, before we left for the party. It's a nice pic really. Do you know what is my wish for 2006? Weightwise that is. To put this picture next to the one I will take on new year's eve this year, and on January 1, 2007, read comments that will basically say...oi! you look so much thinner than you looked last year!

Yes, I trully want this. Trully. And I dare you to place a bet with me ;)

Posted by Argy at 4:39 pm
Anonymous Trish said...

This post tells me you are ready to live again rather than survive :) You look gorgeous Argy and I am sure 2006 will be your year to shine (again!). Have fun pampering yourself, very well deserved!

Happy New Year!

6:43 pm

Blogger Shauna said...

you look so HOT! i love those shoes. and your cleavage is so sexy. hee hee!

(i can so relate to your goals. i hope we can kick ass in 2006!)

8:14 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Wow - good luck with 2006, it sounds like you are going to be living it on all fronts :)

Love the red shoes.

Have fun tonight.

11:37 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

You look totally hot! Go the fishnets and red shoes. Looking forward to NYE 2007!

3:09 am

Blogger Shannin said...

You are so beautiful - and the outfit is killer. I love the fishnet stockings with the red shoes - very sexy...

I hear you on so many things - I remember not putting lotion on or washing my face at night. Now that I've had some weight loss success, I am a beauty product slut.

I think 2006 will bring great things to you, Argy!

3:19 am

Blogger Kate said...

Happy New Year beautiful Argy! I hope 2006 brings you many wonderful things :-) Love all the photos and posts, and you are looking absolutely gorgeous!

4:19 am

Blogger Denise said...

The red shoes and gorgeous stockings tell me, just like your postings of late, that you're poised on the edge of even more greatness. I can't wait to read your happiness in 2006!

7:25 am

Blogger Mary said...

You are a very beautiful, sexy, stylish woman Argy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I look forward to catching up with you over the next week :-)

8:57 am

Blogger Beckie said...


Argy, if your husband didn't ravish you after looking as hot as you do...he's gay.


You look amazing!

9:08 am

Blogger LibrarianOnTheLoose said...

You're doing great, Argy! If you follow your intentions, I am sure you will have the result from the two pictures! Even if you don't, you know from all these coments that you look awesome already!

11:41 pm


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