Saturday, December 17, 2005
A wonderful surprise, a random weigh in, and just a bit of a Saturday morning to my own
You know, I really do not complain. About work I mean. An almost stranger opened my eyes last night and it made so much of a difference.

I met this girl when I got to the new job. She was new too. And last night we met at the exit at around 11.00 and she asked me where I live and if I wanted a ride. Apparently she lives a couple of blocks away from our old appartment, and she wanted some company and to me it was a gift to not have to look for a taxi.

We were sort of whinning to each other about the long hours and the problems and crisis of the last couple of weeks, and at some point she started speaking so highly of me and my work I really got somehow embarassed. And I told her that she is exaggerating and you know what she asked me? If I think there is something I could have done in a better way. And I stopped for a couple of minutes to think and i could not find a thing. I suddenly felt this satisfaction of giving your 100% to something you really believe in.

Then I got home, and Angelos took my hand and walked me to the tree and showed me a big envelope under it. "This has come for you" he said.

I picked it up and !!!!!!!

The amazing Trish had asked in her blog who would want a Christmas card. Now, I am a sucker for Christmas cards you know. I keep them all. Even the ugly ones my insurance agent sends me each year. Even the unpersonal ones with a typed message we get from the FIAT service guys. So I asked for a card.

In this biiiiig envelope was so much more!

In this envelope there was sweetness and consideration. In the shape of a gel eye mask, a bath pilow, a mesh sponge, a terry headbband, and a killer "do not disturb" sign. Along with a corgeous Christmas card!

I've been smiling since last night cos of this.

I finally got my period today. Since Monday I've been living with the "drop torment" A pink drop here and there during the day, mild cramps, lots of sensitivity, moodiness, etc. My poor body is so stressed and tired that cannot release its normal function.

I have such a hectic schedule ahead. I am going to leave to go to the office soon. I will work for 4-5 hours. Then perhaps if I finish while the shops are still open we may go for a bit of christmas shopping.I cancelled the tickets to Amsterdam last night. I am too tired to go. And Amsterdam is always a wonderful trip, but when we are bck we are always too tired. We walk and shop all day, and go to clubs and dance all night. We get no more than 4-5 hrs of sleep daily there.

We rescheduled for beginning of February (hint hint Shauny and Catesa)

Then I'm meeting my boss tonight to fill her in. She has been abroad on some councils the last 3 days. She'll be back this evening. And then Sunday and on will go like this:

Wake up, go to work, meet Angelos at 2 for a bit of Chritmas shopping, then come home, sleep a little, wake up, bathe, get dressed, eat, leave home at midnight, and start the rounds in the metro stations where our events will take place to set up the tech equipment (sound and lights) till 6 am, where we are suppossd to have finsihed everything. See, we cannot do these things while the public usues the metro. Then it will be back home around 7 am, shower and get dressy dressed, cos at noon there is our big press conference. Howver since the first event starts at 10, I will have to be at the metro around 9. Then we will have our last event at 8 pm and then it will be back home to sleep and rest till tuesday morning at 7 am, where I will have to wake up and be in the metro by 9 again. This will go on till Christmas eve!

So I got on the scales this morning. 86.2 kg. A loss of 500 gr since Monday's weigh in. I have not been counting points, nor have excersised. I just forget to eat. With the way I will spend the next 8 days I have two options really. To be 85 kilos by New Years or not. Simple huh? hehehe

What I mean is that I am afraid that after the events finish, and my work life sort of gets back to normal, I might relax inside and let it slip. My eating that is. And then I have a bad eating week between Christmas and New Year's and do not manage to loose this 1.2 kilos I so want to loose!

Seriously I'm silly

And I should get up and get dressed cos the sooner I go to the office the sooner I will leave from there!

Now, before I go, do you have any idea how much I miss you all???

Posted by Argy at 9:36 am
Blogger ms ralph said...

I wish I had it in me to try to loose still before Christmas, but I just don't. I'll begin anew in the new year.

1:48 am

Anonymous Lynda said...

Hi Argy - wonderful post, as usual! I would just like to wish you and your wonderful husband a very happy Christmas! Thanks for all the lovely thoughts you share with us during the year, I look forward to catching up with your journal in the New Year.

11:55 am

Blogger Shannin said...

Such a busy schedule! I can't even imagine working until 6 AM and then having to face the world just a few hours later - I'm way too old for that! I hope these next few weeks speed by quickly so you have a chance to get some rest!

9:54 pm

Anonymous Jim Turner said...

Congrats on your nomination for the BoB Awards! Good luck.

7:54 am

Blogger lms said...

I have a lot of reading to catch up on at your blog, but I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year!!

11:30 am

Blogger Denise said...

I'm glad you've realized how accomplished you are at work because I think it's way too easy to be hard on ourselves and not reflect on what we really do contribute. You are such a special person and you brighten my life just by being you, so thank you!

1:53 am

Blogger kathrynoh said...

It's nice to get compliments at work - it's too easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty and not see how you are doing in the big picture. It's nice to get surprise gifts too.

Your job sounds like fun - hard, hard work but fun :)

3:04 am


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