Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Christmas...the facts
On Christmas eve, we got home at 7 in the evening. Surely our last event finished at 2 in the afternoon. But you know, there was some paperwork to be done. And 550 chairs to be put away. And two last pressies to be bought. And food to be bought too. And my mother in law, who was supposed to have us for lunch the day after Christmas fell and hit her back and although she is fine she did not want to tire herself, so I told Angelos to invite them over for lunch yesterday. So at around 6 in the evening, I was trying to think of what to cook and buy it too!

But as I said, by 7 we were home, and the plan got into implementation. I disappeared in the bathroom, and took a looooooong bath (thanks so much for that pillow Trish!!!!!!), and then took an eon to moisturise and dry and moisturise some more, put on my gorgeous new red night gown, my new red panties (matching thank you very much), and walked into the living room. My Angel of an angel had done it all. He had built a gorgeous fire, he had each and every canddle burning, and he had set the coffee table with goodies:

a cheese platter: roquefort, bri, smoked metsovone (yep, greek cheese), some very soft cheese with black peppercorns, and parmezan reggiano

(of which I touched nothing but a bit of bri cos thank god I am no big cheese lover. actually I am a feta lover, period!)

A naughty spicy platter: salami negroni, chorizo, pastrami, prochiuto di parma

(of which I doubt my husband ate but a couple of slices, whereas I finished them all)

A fishy platter: smoked salmon, salmon's eggs, black caviar, philladelphia cheese, president butter

(of which we were both equally well fed)

and a basket with melba tost, and other kinds of crisps, and coctail rolls

(of which I only had a few melba tosts for the salmon eggs and caviar with triple the amount of regular butter or philli spread)

Also a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and 4 New Tree belgian chocolates: one with lemon zest (called digest), one with bluckcurrent (called eternity), one with ginger and guarana (called sexy) and one with espresso coffee (called boost)

My darling had thought of the chocolates in that order...smart boy he is!

However, at around 10.30 I was probably carried to bed by him. Anyway, I do not know how I got to bed. He told me the next day that as we were chatting, he turned his back to me for one second to throw another piece of wood in the fire, and when he turned to ask me again the same thing, he saw me sleeping. Actually he said "I saw you sleeping and then the very next second I heard you too"...hehehe, have you ever heard anything more polite to describe snoaring?

I woke up on Christmas day at 9 in the morning, and it felt like I had fallen asleep just an hour ago. I wrapped the kid's presents, and left all the others with the wrapping done by the shops' salespeople. This was a first you know. I always wrap all the pressies myself. And I always spend almost as much time thinking and deciding each wrapping as the time I spent looking for the gift.

We drove to my inlaws for a quick coffee and pressies exchange, and then at noon we went to my parents' house.

It was happily crazy as usual. The kiddies were anxious about the presents, there was no space under the tree for us to put our presents, 20 people from 75 years old to 6 months old were laughing and talking and making noise, and I was thinking that this was perhaps my bestest christmas lunch ever at my parents' house, cos my mom, exactly a year after her operation, was better and healthier than ever!

I ate just a little. All these negronis and proshiutos and salmon's eggs were still dancing in my belly. And I had no dessert either, cos someone had the idea to make baklava, which I dislike, and pudding, which I dislike too.

We were back home at 5, and Angelos built a fire, and we sat to watch a movie. Well, around 5.30 in the afternoon Angelos asked me if I feel like taking a nap. So we went to bed at 5.30 in the afternoon, and guess what time did I wake up. Come on, I challenge you, how long do you think I slept? And I mean totally slept, no wake-up-to-pee, no wake-up-to-drink sleep, I am talking continous uninterrupted sleep! Ha! I woke up at 9 am the next day! I slept for 15.5 hours straight!

So yesterday, after my mega rest, I cooked a happy lunch for my inlaws, and I ate just a little. When they left, I took a 3 hour long nap, and then, two friends of ours came for the left overs.

To make up for the sleep and the small meals I have had since Christmas eve, I begun eating at 8 in the evening and stopped at 1 am. I am talking about a mega binge ladies and gents. Mega mega binge. Which was consisted of:

a piece of roasted pork leg with lots of roasted potatoes
a bit of wild boar cooked in red wine
a small plate of roasted brocolli with feta and onions in lemon sauce
a plate of pasta with cream, butter and the remaining salmon and their eggs
1 piece of typical greek walnut cake smothered in cinammon syrup
2 pieces of galaktoboureko...which is custard wrapped in buttery layers of fyllo and smothered in syrup

And right now I am at work, with tons of bits and pieces to do and absolutely no desire. I'm having a very upset tummy and really, great feelings of disgust but no feelings of guilt. I only feel very uncertain about weighing in 85 kilos for the new year.

Santa brought me many things but no new computer. I think I am going shopping for one this afternoon. Although we went crazy and destroyed our budget this christmas, I cannot not have a puter at home.

Usually for Christmas we buy each other a little something as a surprise, and then we buy together things we need. For ourselves or the house. Sometimes they are absolute necessities, like new tyres for the car, sometimes it is a fancy piece of absolutely unnecessary clothing.

But this year, with me at work all the time, Angelos did his "revolution", and on Christmas eve, where we were supposed to go buy our gifts (my computer and his whatever) he said...I have bought your gifts, now you have an hour to go buy mine...hehehe.

I got him Play Station 2, with Call of Duty, Fifa 2006, Moto GP, and Grand Turismo 4, and a Ferrari wheel and petals thingy.
I also got him Jamie Oliver's "Naked Chef", which he really loved!

He got me a very nice handbag, a gorgeous pen, the 2006 pocket Moleskin diary, and a magnificent key ring.

Oh I am rambling. I am still tired. Mainly I am in a yucky mood with all the food I consumed yesterday. There are more things to write. The important things. Christmas...the feelings. New Year's resolutions. You and me. But these will have to wait, till there is a puter at home. There will be one by the end of the week for sure!

Now, I got to concentrate and get back to work.

I hope you all had a marvelous time!

Posted by Argy at 11:51 am
Blogger Shannin said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely. I know it probably sounded like a lot of food, but with you working so hard and getting so little sleep, my guess is that your body really needed the energy. Hope that things are back to normal crazy instead of crazy crazy.

3:59 pm

Blogger Denise said...

I love reading your posts because they are always so full of wit, wisdom, and love. Thanks for sharing your holiday with me!

12:04 am

Anonymous Manda said...

What a beautiful story! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas :)

Back on track for 2006, along with the rest of us!

6:40 am

Blogger Kate said...

I agree with Denise - i just love reading your posts :-)

9:30 am


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