Saturday, December 31, 2005
more of home...
And the place where everythings starts...and where everything goes to afterwards... and yes, the freeze needs organising and cleaning, and I am going to just do that on January 3, when my 5 days off begin!

And the dinning area, with Angelos happily doing the bills....

And the fireplace...which makes me go out every couple of days and cut fresh branches from the bitter orange trees to keep the garland alive...oh...bibie laying on the sofa too!

and me...with my beloved christmasy nighty...cute innit? now!

Posted by Argy at 12:27 pm
Blogger Shauna said...

nice PJs, argy! red certainly is your colour!

2:49 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

you look BEAUTIFUL in red! in everything really but im very jealous you look so nice in red, maybe my hair should be dyed that dark too ;) HELLOOOOOO i love you xoxo

3:02 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

I love seeing all these photos. Your home is lovely and so are you in your Christmas nightie :)

Happy New Year!

5:30 am

Anonymous Trish said...

Thank you for sharing you Argy :) May 2006 be one of your best years yet :)

6:07 am

Blogger Beckie said...

Ohhh this sounds weird, but I LOVe your stove! So stylish!

And I think this is the first photos I have ever seen of you! Woweeeeee!!

Im off to read some more.

P.S. Thank you for your beautiful comment tonight. :-)

1:12 pm


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