Thursday, September 15, 2005
Counting the random
One thing that has not be happening ever since I got the pedometer and started to power - walk to work like a maniac is wearing pretty clothes to work. I wear my jeans, because they have the perfect little pocket inside the front left pocket exactly at the size of my pedometer so it stays perpendicular like the instructions say, a tshirt, and either my reebok's (sky blue and white) or my nike's (silver grey and red). Of course the above mean that I either wear sky blue, red, grey, and white t-shirts at work because I am a freak like that.

But no more nice skirts, high heels, strappy sandals, cute flip flops, business dresses, linen pants, fitted shirts. No more jewelry either. And not even mascara and the clear lipgloss that I call my daily make up.

I do not really mind - yet! These morning walks to work mean so much to me right now. Not just in terms of exercise and weight loss. There has always been a denial to walk till I started therapy. I would not walk the extra 150 meters to go to the bus stop and I would take a taxi. I would smoke cigarettes I had put out before because I would not go out and walk 500 meters to the shop to get more cigarettes till A. would come home and bring me more. Walking is so liberating for me. And I think this is why it works so well with my body too. When I walk fast and my breath is deep and steady, seriously, I feel like flying. I assume this must be the feeling running lovers have.

Today however is not walking day. I just got to work from my first appointment (9.30 am...YUCK!) with a prospect, and I have a bit of time till I have to go to a second (and hopefully closing) appointment with another prospect.

And today I had to look so super professional and gorgeous, that I really had to wear the business attire and the high heels. Mind you, a well cut suit, a nice shirt, and high heels is not my preferable business attire. It is just the one that I can wear at this weight. Years back my pro look used to be so much more different. And I so dream of being able to wear that stuff again! Designer's jeans, fashionable but really feminine sneakers (like Prada or the likes) fitted shirts inside the jeans, thin fancy belts, and a nice silk scarf. Ahhhhh...those were the times *sigh* I really feel so sad and sorry that I burnt all my thin pictures and negatives at some point of my heavy, fat, and intoxicated depression. This is the one and only thing I have really regretted in my life :(

Anyway, yesterday I finished the day in 12.672 steps. But today I will carry my pedometer in my purse and count just the steps I do on a regular day with no intensional walking for exercise.

I am really curious to see the number at the end of the day!

Right, I got to print my offer now and go see that prospect!

Posted by Argy at 11:33 am
Blogger airlie said...

can you wear casuals to walk to work and then get changed? In australia you see these cute girls walking in their taloured skirts, stockings and joggers!

12:28 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

if your office had a bathroom with a simple shower it could solve a lot of that, you could keep your cute outfits at the office then just shower and change when you get there. any options to putting a shower in your bathroom? extending the space a little? you could write it off as business expense too :)
best of luck for your prospect xoxo

2:58 pm

Blogger LisaB said...

Hi Argy,
Just popped in to say 'Hello' and to let you know I'm back around. Going to read your journal now, and catch up on what you've been up to :)

4:11 pm

Blogger LisaB said...

Hello again,
Just got your comment on my journal. I am intending to stay put :) I had only disappeared due to a useless bloody pc that refused to work any longer. Now I have a shiny new computer, and I am NOT going anywhere :)
Lisa xxx

4:28 pm


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