Monday, September 05, 2005
The challenge

(amazing moonlight as seen from our balcony a few days before the moon was full)

Who would have thought that spending a week eating fruit, grilled proteins and salads, 2 servings of bulgur, and two pitta breads would result in a 800 gr gain?! Righto, my period would have something to do with it, don't you think? Or the kilo and a half of grapes that I ate all week as a dessert after dinner?

A challenge is due ladies. Seeing a number in the scales starting with 9 was not too good a feeling you know! Even if I am pretty close to the conclusion that it might be due to water retention from my period, still, it pissed me off.

However, the possitive thing that happened during last week is that I am back at eating healthy and enjoying it too! The bread and ice-cream craves have almost gone away, and the desire to loose weight is strong again. But 91.3?!!! Seriously, I do not think I did anything to deserve this!!! (You really think its the grapes? ;o)

So here I am on this gorgeous Monday morning, with a fine breeze, clear skies, and my beloved temperature of 23 C. At work, taking a bit of time before actually start working! I am feeling extremely energetic and in very high spirits too! And you know why? Because this morning I got up and got in the scales and felt really low. And felt extremelly angry that due to cramps I did not swim or walked on the treadmill during the weekend. Granted, on Sunday afternoon I spent a good 2 hours cleaning the house (actually I let the cleaning lady off her duties last week in an attempt to save some money, I will see how it goes) but this aint a real work out, just a bit of sweat.

So I was determined to do something this morning. But the weather was so gorgeous to walk inside! So I took all my stuff (handbag, lunch, snacks for work) in a back pack, put on my Nike's, and hit the road. I walked 5 k to work, then I took the bus for the remaining of the distance. It took me 42 minutes and I held a fast pace, which did not kill me! I have my last appointment at 5 in our client's office, which is about 6 km from home. I plan on walking home too! The pedometer is broken, but I just ordered one online and it will be delivered on Wednesday!

I got more fish from my brother on Saturday. A whole lot more fish. And a whole lot of fresh produce from the farmers' market on Saturday. So my challenge for this week is the following:

Eat fish for dinner 4/7
Control portions
Eat no more than 4 tsp of olive oil per day
Cut on the frozen grapes
Walk at least 10.000 steps a day, with a minimum of 40 mins as a morning walk.

If I ever see 9 as a first digit in my scales let me turn to a frog!!!

Have a great week!!!!

Posted by Argy at 12:09 pm
Blogger Kate said...

Loving your posts. I can never think of anything helpful to say because i'm always lost in your world, feeling like i've been reading a good novel. Love that photo of the moonlight.. as you say.. gorgeousness!

2:36 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

I need to eat more fish as well. I eat way too much red meat, but that's because my husband likes it. That will be changing soon, though!

4:07 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

oh noooo its not the grapes, unless you ate 1.5kg every night lol otherwise it was a measly 200g or a bit more every evening which is only 2pts so nothing to worry about, its just period gain no worries :)
mmm you lucky fish girl! im also making a baked fish tonight... 4/7 days is a lot will you have some shellfish in there too? i find it easy to eat fish everyday for lunch but for dinners i get too bored too fast so if you create some wonderful fish dishes please share your recipes :)
plan looks good too, lets kick some kilo ass this week k luvie xox

4:19 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

oh and i LOVE that moon photo. the moon is so beautiful but especially there since it looks like a sparkly yellow diamond.

4:20 pm

Blogger M said...

Great plan this week Argy. You can do it. Don't let the 90's bug bite you.

What a great walk. Keep that up and it will be the 70's for you soon enough :)

4:00 am

Blogger Mary said...

Now this is an awesome plan and you can do it! I love that you are getting into it so much :-)

8:34 am


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