Friday, September 02, 2005
I have really tried to load the rest of the photos to blogger, but it is not co-operating! I can do one but not all for some reason. And I thought that I will do one in each post, so that I will keep a bit of summer in my posts for as long as I can. Autumn brings me always a bit of a melancholy. I am really a summer girl!

You've seen parts of this place in the previous posts, but now here is the whole gorgeousness!!!

So how have things been, you may ask.

On the eating better front, I have to tell you I am really struggling. There is one item that never gets in our house and this is bread. Any kind of bread actually, besides 5 pittas a week. Three for Angelos and two for me. And they are usually eaten with grilled meats on a Friday or Saturday night as a treat. But while on holidays we both ate too much bread. We greeks have a very special way of eating our bread. We almost never put butter on it. Instead, we take pieces of it and we sop it in the olive oil of our greek salads, or the sauce of our food. Think of this: ripe tomatoes that drop their juice in the plenitude of extra virgin olive oil, strong red onions and scented oregano, tiny feta crumps, and a piece of white breadcrump sopped in all this yuminess! You can so easily eat a whole loaf like this. Angelos and I indulged in this yuminess during the holidays. So we both miss bread like crazy. In the evenings, after dinner, I usually ask him what I should cook tomorrow, and he always says he doesn't mind, he always says that anything will do. This week he always replies the same. 5 loafs of white bread with a huge greek However, I have stucked to my plan and I have had already the two pitta breads yesterday and my bulgur the day before, so no more carbs for me. But I have to admit that I am eating larger quantities of protein and fruits and veggies than I used to. Larger enough to not expect a spectalular loss on Monday's weigh in, but I have to start from somewhere. Right now my goal for this week is to get back to healthy eating, get rid of the ice cream addiction, and cut on olive oil. Till now, I have been really proud of myself. I have had moments at work dreaming of pepperoni slices the size of a car tyre, I have had moments in the bus contemplating getting off at a previous bus stop where a very good bakery is and buy white bread and go home and soak it in olive oil, put salt, pepper and oregano on it and drink the whole loaf, and I have had moments at home that I would sing to Angelos for 10 minutes "buy me an ice-cream..lalala...I will only do you for an world will collapse without will never have cleab underwear unless you buy me icecream ...lalala...oh you heartless man GET ME MY ICE CREAM...LALALA!!!!" But I have not eaten the pepperoni, nor the bread, nor the icecream. Not that he would ever go get me any. I have told him I won't do him for a month if he brings home anything remotely tempting...hehehe

Exercising is still out of the scheme. I walk a bit, but that's all. We will swim during the weekend, but that will be all too. One thing at a time.

I am also trying to gather my head together and work. I am day dreaming all the time I am afraid!!! But I will get to it sooner than later, cos I simply have to!

So this is all more or less at my world. I got a show to attend tonight for work and I am just so bored to go. And we are a bit broke too. But Angelos told me that if I stuck to my eating all week, he would take me shopping for a few treats on Saturday. No matter how I adore the sun, I have to admit that my skin needs extra care now. It is so dry!!!! And since I cannot have any kind of chocolat, I think that some chocolaty scented body scrub and body moisturiser would do for now.

You think I will be able to stop myself from digging a finger into the luscious creams and lick it clean?

Oh...I almost forgot!!!! I got a recipe for whoever loves eggplants/aubergines! Coming straight from the island too!

Take 4 big eggplants. Put them in the oven as they are, no peeling or anything. Bake them till soft. Wait till they cool down. Then peel them and put the flesh in the blender with a bunch of parsley, 3-4 garlic gloves, a medium onion, a red bell pepper, the juice of 2 lemons, a tad olive oil, salt and pepper, and puree them all together. It makes an excellent dip for roasted veggies, rice crackers, or a side dish for any grilled meat!

Happy weekend!!!

Posted by Argy at 3:28 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

lol i think licking the bottle of choc body cream will taste so bad it would put you off choccy forever ;)
bread dependencies are so tough to get over, you are doing really well to get through it! and the pms is killing me this month, how ar eyou holding up pretty? (she asks as she takes another bite of melba toast with blue cheese) *sigh* i just want this week to be OVER lol *kisses*

6:12 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Thanks for your well wishes. The picture is gorgeous.

3:00 am

Blogger k said...

mmmmmmmm...i must try that recipe...sounds super yummy!

9:30 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


That recepie sounds so yummy. But can anyone please explain to me what ball peppers are? The use of the word pepper in english is so confusing to me.

Here in Sweden we commonly use what we call 'paprika' and 'chili peppar'. I don't know of anything else and I'm having a bit of troubble guessing what kind to use when you are talking about different kinds of pepper.


12:09 pm

Blogger Mary said...

The photos look divine! I definitely understand the bread thing. I grew up with this way of eating too (Croatian). Yummo! but not so good for our hips. I think it's only natural to eat anything on holiday and I hope you just enjoyed it. You may not get back on track straight away but you will! Oh yeah...stop singing that icecream song too. You have me singing now LOL :-)

8:26 am


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