Tuesday, September 13, 2005
The plan, the rant, the reward
I walked home from work yesterday. It was the first time I did this. I have walked home from work before, and I have also walked to work from home, but yesterday I walked both ways! 12.889 steps! 9.28 km! And I am up to 7.263 steps so far, and I plan on some walking later too, so I hope I will go over the 10.000 steps today too.

My plan is to walk as close to 70.000 steps a week, and since weekends are filled with so many chores and leisure I want to walk more during weekdays.

I ate my fish last night again. I think M was right on her comment last week, fish definetely had something to do with last weeks loss. Tonight I am going to experiment with some spinach though. I discovered a box of organic frozen spinach in my freezer this morning when I was going to take out some more fish for tonight, and I thought that it has been ages since I had a totally veggie dish.

What I am doing as far as eating is concerned, is a bit of a combination. I eat fruit for breakfast, I eat fruits and veggies for lunch, and when I eat fish for dinner I eat as much fish and salad as I want (which is safe with fish because I never want too much) and 30 gr of feta. Dessert is always a bowl with 200 gr of frozen grapes. I counted them once, found a bowl that fills up with this exact quantity, and use the same bowl every evening. But if I am eating meat or legumes or pittas or rice, I count points on those days. I have given myself a 20 points/day allowance and this is what I am eating on my carnivore or carb eating days.

I hope this will go on working because seriously, I want it to work more than ever. I know myself too well, and I can feel that I need to be strict for as long as I can otherwise I will give up. I want to loose at least 10 kilos by christmas. I want to buy my new year's eve's dress in a bloody 14. European 14 too!

There are a lot of changes in our life right now. Changes that affect Angelos and me both practically and emotionally. So much has happened in the last two weeks that I have not mentioned and we both need to figure out ways to deal with them. These changes are probably the reason for me being crancy and moody all the time. These changes are probably the reason for my constant desire to binge. It is difficult for me to feel good and proud right now for eating fish and yucky pizza, because, honestly, I feel miserable each time I do it. I feel sorry for myself. But I know I am acting up because of the stuff happening. And no, I am not pregnant, and thank god it has nothing to do with the health of us and ours. When I get a bit calmer I will talk about it.

But I am acknowledging the fact that I am doing it anyways. Eating right and moving I mean. No matter how hard I find it right now, I bite the bullet and go along with it. The real reason is that I cannot afford any negative feelings concerning myself right now. So I walk, I eat fish, and I whine here. And when I see the good weigh in I feel accomplished. When I show Angelos the daily number of steps on the pedometer, I feel accomplished. Right now, this is most probably the one thing in my life I can control 100%. And because I am doing very well at it, and by very well I mean that I am doing the bestest I could do concerning the way I feel, I am rewarding myself today with a nice green 100 euro bill worth of personal shopping. I do not know what I will buy, but I am leaving the office now to go and get it.

Thank you for bearing with me through these ranting posts.

Posted by Argy at 5:51 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

heya sweetie, anytime you wanna chat you know where to find me... everyone has their moments and you're having yours too, but a little retail therapy puts the smiles where they should be. dont forget to come and share what you treat yourself with :)

6:19 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

:) size 14 by xmas... that's a great idea! i know you can get there!

11:55 pm


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