Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Fish & Shins
You know what is happening lately? I am forced to work again! I mean, I worked last week too, but it was more like this: come to the office at noon, make a coffee, chat with my partner about her son, my plants, the size of our arses, and the likes, then surf in the net, make a couple of phonecalls, see a few regular clients and exchange holiday stories, and that was it. Nice, smooth, un-demanding.

But everyone woke up this week and needs stuff!!! So I really got to work. And I don't really feel like it!

But then, I really don't feel like eating fish either, and yet I had another fishy dinner last night!!! I dunno what kind of fish I ate to tell you, actually I do know but I could not find a casual name for it in english. I can tell you that I ate a Serranus Scriba though and sound all posh and that. Anyway, it was a fresh big white fillet that got very well camouflaged and was edible for me too, though Angelos loved it.

So if you want the camouflage for it here it goes:

4 garlic cloves
5 tomatoes
a HUGE bunch or parsley
A bit of fresh basil and fresh oregano
Salt, Pepper

All of them in the blender form a nice thick paste. Put your fish on a deep ish tray, and then pour this on top. You should see no fish, just this thick sauce. No olive oil or any other fat. Bake it for half an hour in a hot oven and tada!!!!

However Angelos told me at some point that he was feeling very sorry for me. And he said it with real concern and care too. So I asked him why. And he said it must be really awful to eat a dinner that is simply edible, something I do not at all enjoy, just manage to swallow without disgust.

He is right you know. The only thing I am looking forward and enjoying right now is my bowl of frozen grapes after dinner. But right now, I got to go on eating fish. Because eating fish has the following advantages for me:

1. It will help me shrink my stomach a bit again. There is absolutely no chance of me eating too much fish, while I can eat too much chicken, or too much of any meat really. So I will get used to smaller portions.

2. It teaches me to eat slower. I am not my usual Pacman (yes, I eat as fast as he devours the dots) self when fish is at my plate. I eat it so slowly that I get bored chewing.

3. It is helping me eat less carbs. I do not want to eat any pasta or rice or bulgur or even pitta bread when I am eating fish. Just a tiny insy piece of feta.

4. It will help me save some money, because I am putting the money I would have spend on meat in a nice box that says "A Day In A Spa" and will spend them on myself at the end of the month! Which means the more times I eat fish in a week, the more times I get to put a bit of money on me sacred box!

5. It will make my father and brother happy for a while. Then they will realise how much fish I am eating lately, will do the math, see how much it costs them, and will stop bugging me with the eternal "you should eat more fish darling"! (or at least I hope so!)

6. It will make each steak or skinless chicken leg fillet so much more worthy!!!

See? I got 6 reasons to eat more fish!!!!

Now my shins are still killing me. So I took today off. Sort of off really, but don't tell Angelos cos he said he will kill me if I power walked today! I just did 3 k in the morning before work, and then I got back home and got dressed and wore high heels too. I am meeting Angelos in a friend's house tonight for a BBQ after work so I had to wear something that would persuade him I did no walking at all...hehehe.

And I am looking at my new pedometer right now! Am soooo excited!!!! Tis an 0mr0n wa1king sty1e II "step counter". Step counter sounds funny to me.

So tomorrow I will have numbers darlings, numbers of steps! And this little gadget also counts calories burnt, fat, and distance too! I ain't sure it does them all at once though! Wouldn't that be supercool?! I still got to read the manual...and I hate manuals!!!!

Right, an over the place post from me. My brain feels a bit scattered right now. You think its all this fish?!

Posted by Argy at 4:52 pm
Blogger Paige said...

Have you tried out Tuna? My dad makes it in a way, that I swear it tastes just like a steak....I'll see if I can score the recipe from him.

6:19 pm

Blogger Denise said...

You clever girl to be using fish as a way to shrink your stomach - what a fabulous idea!!!

7:55 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

mmm that topping sounds so fresh and delicious, im going to try it next week.. .will have to copy and paste hehe *kisses*

9:09 pm

Blogger Mary said...

Mmm, I like fish but not that much. I don't know how you do it!? But you've made some very definite points about why you are doing it, good. YAY for getting a pedometer. I find it helps me get motivated and I can see patterns in my walking now. I hope you have a great night :-)

9:57 am

Blogger Kate said...

That's a great list!

My parents used to always tell me that fish is good for my brain... never made it taste nicer though!

10:58 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

You're eating fish everyday? Is it for one meal or all meals, and how long for? Maybe I missed an entry. I love fish that is baked with grain mustard. It is delish.

12:40 pm


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