Thursday, September 08, 2005
The gadget
According to my new cadget my morning walk turned to be more of a work out than I always thought it was! So what I thought was a 3 K walk actually was 3.75 K. And they took me 6,939 steps to complete! But the good thing is that out of these steps 6,207 steps were recorded as aerobic steps. Fast, steady pace ...woooohoooo!!!! All this work and at the end I read in the pedometer that I burnt 14.1 grammars of fat! Big success I tells ya ;0)!

It also says in the manual that the 10,000 steps are to maintain good health and to loose weight one should do from 12 to 15 thousand steps!!!!

But I really love it, it is fun and it makes me already to go out and walk more and more!!!

Which I am going to actually, since I have my therapy session this evening and I am going there on foot! And if the mood is good afterwards, I think I am going to walk some of the distance home too!

Guess what our friends grilled in their bbq last night? Yep, veggies, corn, potatoes, shrimp kebabs and FISH!!!! It is a conspiracy!! I was so looking forward to a fat big juicy steak!!!!

So today I got more fish out of the freezer and I am going to bake then in the oven with lemon juice, garlic, fresh oregano and fresh thyme. They are gorgeous big red mullets, actually a kind of fish I really enjoy (deep fried but oh well ;). And I boiled beets this morning for a salad with a garlicky vinegraitte. And then, mmm...frozen grapes!

I am actually looking forward to dinner today. I am proud for sticking to eating fish for dinner 4 times a week! (It's sort of a challenge for me Beck, to eat fish 4 times a week for the whole of September). Then I can dream of a weekend of being my usual carnivore self ;)

I decided I will weigh in on Saturday. Angelos has hidden the scales and I cannot peak till then. But I feel my clothes getting back to where they were a couple of weeks ago, and as my period is almost over, I am seriously thinking that most of that gain should have been water retention.

Ah well...we will all see in less than two days now :)

My shins still ache but milder, and actually the pain goes away after 10 mins of walking and comes back when I am getting up from my desk after sitting for a long time. So I guess my feet are getting used to working out again. Now gotta get back to work!

Have a gorgeous afternoon/evening. And Shauna, its about time you post something, don't you think? hehehe

Posted by Argy at 4:42 pm
Blogger Kate said...

Yay for pedometers! That's great walking! I'm sure my 3km loop is only 4000 steps. Maybe you take smaller steps than me? Hehe!
Ew fish again - poor you!!

5:24 pm

Blogger - u said...

wow! that's a great walk! how come everytime i visit your blog, i get hungry, huh? ;o)

1:54 am

Blogger thealphafry said...

you're pedometer sounds fun!
I want to know how many steps I take in a day.

6:56 am


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