Tuesday, July 05, 2005
This and that...
I can't believe a whole week has passed since the last time I updated!!! Someone please say a magic word and make the bloody phone company come and connect my phone line!!!!

The anniversary dinner was magical! Thank you all so much for your wishes and compliments!

Food has been good besides the anniversary dinner and saturday evening, a sort of fancy dinner in our house with my brother, sister in law, and two more friends. But these two days made up for a gain this week, a small one of .3 kg, so I don't sweat too much over it.

On Saturday night, a nerve in my back blocked. So I spent Sunday and most of Monday crying in pain, till I went to my holistic yesterday afternoon and now I am brand new. This man is a magician I tell you. I went expecting streches and stuff like this for my back, and he worked on my stomach and intestines and I left there dancing, as if my back never ached! It comes to show that a holistic approach is more than necessary. Most of the times a pain or an illness is the result of many organs/factors contributing than the obvious.

Today is my mom's 60th birthday. So there is a small dinner party at my parents house for family :)

And by next Tuesday my sister in law will give birth to another niece for me. I am excited!

I have so much work to do it is not funny! I barely have time to pee! And I must go back to it right away! I promise a longer and more interesting post tomorrow!

Posted by Argy at 12:58 pm
Blogger M said...

The conspiracy theory. I love it :) But I have to tell you all the underwear was 16, the singlet 16, the top - large, and the jeans - mens size 36. So thank you that you thought I looked like a 10. I do like the photo. The first one since the wedding that I truely like.

Happy Birthday to your Mum.

Have a great day :)

3:32 am

Blogger Catesa said...

oh a small gain is definitely nothing to sweat about for a weightloss master like you ;)

im glad to hear your pinched nerve is fixed, i get them in my back/neck ALL the time and its very frustrating and painful so im glad to hear you are better so fast!

a very happy 60th birthday to your mum, i hope she has a wonderful day!

now work hard but not too hard, a lady cant really be a lady with urine running down her leg ;)

11:44 am

Blogger Kate said...

300gms is a good gain - i.e. not huge and easy enough to get rid of. It's really cool when holistic health care works like that and you don't need to resort to 'western medicine'. :-)

11:48 am

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