Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Summer Solstice
means one thing to me and one thing only: it is the biggest day of the year. The most day light. The confirmation of summer. I love this day :o)

I did not go to the beach this long weekend. Instead I was suffering from cramps and a period a bit too early. And horrible horrible cravings for the most unsual and unually fattening things. Which I made and ate. Angelos was working a good part of the weekend too, but had arranged to have Monday off. Which was great because by Monday the cramps that were torturing me for 2 whole days had subsided some, so we were able to go out and look some more for balcony furniture. This morning I had breakfast in the balcony :)

I am not in love with the furniture really. It was sort of a compromise. We looked at so many sets, so many different kinds, and the one I fell in love with was out of stock and had a possible delivery date between August 7 and 21! However I am in love with the fact that we finally HAVE balcony furniture and tonight we can have dinner in our brand new table in our beautiful balcony!

While I was miserable at home all weekend, in pain and alone most of the time, I was trying to amuse or ease myself by thinking of food and making it and eating it too!

I have been silently thinking for a long time now. Silently thinking means not consciously thinking. In the back back of my head, I have had thoughts that feel like a dream, and up to Sunday, were treated as such. I mean that I was either pushing them away, or let them be silent and not deal with them.

I have been reading religiously all the blogs lately. And I have realised that by not typing a comment at the time I read the blog, the point that the blog made me think of, follows me in my head all day.

I read this gorgeous post for instance, and kept it in my head since then. Many others like this too.

The problem with me lately is the new house. I absolutely adore it. I spent all my free time making it prettier. Rearranging stuff, looking for the right flowers, the right places to put them, trying to add a personal touch here and there and make it feel really like home. We have company almost every night. Angelos teases me and tells me I want to show off the new things I add here and there all the time.

And every night I cook. Which I always do anyway. But lately I cook to entertain. Which is a different kind of cooking. Because it has at least 3 courses plus desert.

Angelos also tells me that my cooking has reached its peak lately. I come up with all kinds of new recipes. All kinds of new ways to serve food. I have been utilising every serving plate and bowl I have had since we got married and never used before. I have go nuts! The last mad thing I did was to take orange and lemon peel and stiched them together with linen thread to make individual salad bowls for a green salad with orange vinegraitte! Yes...that nuts I've become!!!!

And although I am loving and enjoying the domestic goddess part of me, I am not happy with it. Because it lacks balance. When I become like this it is all about the kingdom and not the queen I'm afraid. I am so consumed by the house, the cooking, the guests, the plants, the perfect vase for the yellow roses, that I forget about me.

I realised this morning that for a week now I have run out of cream for my face. I am using a cheap hydrating cream I get from the organic shop. I do not believe in anti-wrinkle expensive stuff. And every morning I wake up, wash my face and put on the cream. And every day for almost a week now, I wake up, wash my face, see I have no cream, and forget it by the time I get out of the bathroom, because my mind is usually set on things I need to get for the house.

In the same note, I cook all these rich and deliscious meals, thinking about my husband and guests, and not once I think about the size of my arse!!! Which is holding nicely, thank you very much, but will soon expand unless I do something about it! Not that I have dared to get on the scales. But I know that the gain is no more than 2 kilos. Because of my jeans and how they fit me. I am not getting on the scales before I'm done with my periiod either.

I have the date for our summer holidays. August 7 we will be on a boat to some island and we will return on the 28 :)

I have 7 weeks. As of today, I started using the treadmill again. Boy have I lost at least 50% of my fitness! And as of today I am on a 7-week challenge. Which consists of the following "rules":

  • at least 40 minutes on the treadmill every day, unless I am going to the beach, where I am swimming for at least 30 mins non - stop for evey hour I stay there
  • eat breakfast every day, even if it is just a piece of fruit
  • no sweets
  • one very unhealthy but diet friendly 0% fat 0% sugar ice cream once a week

If I am still close to the gorgeous 86.7 I saw 12 days ago, wouldn't it be marvelous to leave on holidays in the magnificent 70's?

I am determined you know!

Posted by Argy at 2:49 pm
Blogger Wendy said...

it is all about the kingdom and not the queen I'm afraid

I love this line.

Argy, I think I'm developing a Platonic crush on you. Your (enviable) zeal for enjoying all the aspects of life, never smothers your (also enviable) fundamental need for balance. I just love your posts!

5:26 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

happy summer to you Argy xox i believe you are determined and you WILL get to the 70s before your holiday, kick everyone out of your kingdom for its time to focus on the beautiful queen for the next 7 weeks :) loves

6:17 pm

Anonymous Brenna said...

Argy, you CAN do it and you will!! I've been reading you for so long, but this is my first comment. It should be about the queen and not just about her castle. You are an amazing woman, thank you for sharing so much with us.

6:55 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

Sounds like we have our own Greek Martha Steward in the making. Although Martha could probably whip up a face cream from the items in her pantry.

I'm in the exact opposite place where the kingdom is so overwhelming I don't put anyting into it at all -- from the things I despise like housecleaning to the things I love like cooking.

I do love this time of year as well...our sun rose at 5:25 AM this morning and it won't go down until 9:05 tonight.

8:13 pm

Blogger M said...

And at the opposite side of the globe we have our shortest day. And our coldest. And we live vicariously though the warm lives of our northern partners. Brrrrrr.

Your holiday sounds marvellous and like Cat says your determination will get you into those 70's.

Have a great day :)

6:49 am


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