Monday, June 06, 2005
This and that...

Not bad, not perfect. Part of me is pleased with the fact that I get to eat my icecream or other naughtiness and still loose a bit of weight with all the work I do at the house. The other part is a bit upset thinking about the loads of weight I could have lost if I still did all this hard housework and still eat perfectly!


More unintentional exercise than planned one. But let me tell you something. Housework and moving is really a very intense work out. Angelos was complaining this morning about how sore his legs are. And he is the man who runs 10 K daily. So imagine how sore I am! All my muscles ache! Even those I never new existed!!!


Still 13 of them left. I expect to get rid of most of them tonight, since we put our new bookcase up yesterday evening, and most of the boxes contain books and stuff to go there. If I manage to unpack those tonight, I think I will have a functional study again! And just one more room to go!


Lots and lots of fun! We spent 5 hours there! And we have to return 1/3 of the stuff back too... So we are on for another long saturday in IKEA next week!!!


Everyone was trying to warn me: You are going to a brand new appartment, there will be problems till everything is set and functioning, so you got to be patient!

This was a true understatement. Everything has to come and go and come again. The brand new stove came and left and came again. The man to connect my dishwasher came, connected half of it, then told me I need a plumper to open the water thingy, then the plumper came and fixed this, then the dishawater was connected, and on sunday morning I woke up after having the gang over on Saturday night, loaded the dishwasher, which did not work because there was no water connection. So now I am looking for plumpers again! You get the picture, I do not need to go on

The worst thing is the phone though. (I decided I will go on nagging a tad more). The phone company informed us that they need to do some construction work on the building first, which means that it will most prolly take us till the end of June to finally have a phone line! This means overloaded cell phone bills and NO internet!!!! I got my study almost set, I wanna drink my iced espresso reading blogs!!!


Life goes on regardless my obsession with perfecting the new home. Work is getting really busy again, and all I think about is when I will fix my balcony! I seriously feel I could just be a housewife for the rest of the summer!!! I see more of my mom now than before, and she might have to go through another operation soon. There is one problem with one tube in her left kidney and they might need to re-adjust it. I hope it won't have to be done, but we will know tomorrow. I do not want her to go through the knife again. We'll see...

I got to get ready for a meeting now, but I am just so very tired! And there is no chance for resting this coming weekenf either. Saturday will be more IKEA, and Sunday my partner is christening her son at 6 in the afternoon and then she throws a big party at 9 in the evening. I simply do not want to go!!!! All I need to soothe myself is a day in the beach! And this aint seem to be coming soon enough!!!

Cheers for now!

Posted by Argy at 12:16 pm
Anonymous marta said...

Oh you new place is going to be just perfect after those minor adjustments. I know how it goes. I went through a kitchen remodel that took almost a whole month!

Reading this post, I realized that as crazy as your life is right now and as stressed as you could get, I still feel you smiling and enjoying life, and that made me smile!

5:11 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

you sound just like me when we redid our kitchen starting the beginning october (2003) and didnt have a functioning kitchen until feb 2nd 2004 FOUR MONTHS of being a crazy lady LOL i REALLY hope you get your relaxing day soon, it sounds like you need a couple days to yourself. beautiful lady ;)

5:39 pm

Blogger kimba said...

ahhh IKEA. I worked there for 6 years, loved it. Almost everything in my home was from IKEA at one stage! I still love shopping there.

2:35 am


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