Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Tired and Pleased and Anxious to get a bloody phone line!!!!
We had quite the weekend!

On Saturday morning we went to IKEA again. We spent another 4 hours there, and yet we still didn't find a few necessary things. Then we went to several shops with balcony and garden furniture, and we could not decide, basically because Angelos wants wooden furniture and I don't mind the material as soon as it is white.

We were home at 5 in the afternoon, with time to chill out, have some late lunch, take showers and get ready for my brother's birthday party. My little brother is 35 years old now! We got back home at 2 am, after a magnificent night out, first in a gorgeous restaurant, then in a bar.

Then Sunday we got up too early unfortunately, by 8 we were both wide awake, and decided against going to the beach, as the plan was. We both wanted to go to the beach really very much, but we got all rational and practical and decided to finish the work in the house, since we got all the closets we needed for the stuff that was still in boxes, like shoes.

Then, we decided in cleaning the plants, the balcony, and at 4.30 in the afternoon we were both knackered, but totally satisfied because we felt that finally our home is organised and tidy! We both rushed to take showers because at 6 we had to be at the christening of my partner's son. Then at 9 there was a big party in honour of the baby, where we drunk, ate, and danced like mad!

Now all that is left to be done at home is to get the curtains, the balcony furniture, and make an appointment with the person who made the kitchen so that he can finish some alteration we did. But this is fun stuff, compared to what we have been through all this time! Now if the phone company decides to come and fix the issues so that we can have phone lines, we will all be happy!!!
And this was written on Monday, and I never got enough time to finish it. I don't like this you know. I don't like not having internet at home. I don't like waking up in the morning and not being able to read the blogs, give them some thought, then comment, then write on my own. I don't like having to go out at 9 p.m. looking for a day paper in 3 different kiosks just to look for a good movie in the cinema. I used to look all this stuff online.
For someone like me, who runs a crazy professional life, with all the hysterical artists and the neurotic media people, where the words routine or plan or program are honestly unknown words, it is very very important to maintain a balance with a pleasant routine in home life. This might sound contradictory to those who really know me, because they know that routine is a word I am not fond of. But what I mean is that I want to be able and decide how to start my day, what to do from 8 that I wake up to 11 that I leave home. And then, from 8 - 9 that I return, to the time I go to bed. When these precious hours of mine are ruled by sleazy factors, then I am not a happy woman. I become edgy, grumpy, and end up sneaking food I should not eat in my plate.
Ever since the christening in Sunday, I been eating something "naughty" every day. Not too much, but not too little either. And then, last night it really got too much. Angelos had missed stuffed tomatoes and peppers. This is a food that takes a bit of work to make. First you peel and shred the onions. Then you finely chop the parsley, the fresh mint, the fresh basil. Then you saute the onions, the beef mince, you add the herbs, then you add one Tsp of rice for each tom and pepper. Before that of course, you have cut the upper part of the toms and peps, so that they form a lid, have emptied the flesh and seeds of both, have put the tomato flesh into the blender and have made juice, and have arranged them on your deep oven tray. You add the tomato juice on the pot, let it simmer for a little along with the rest already simmering there, and then take your pot, and fill the toms and the peppers with the mince/rice/herbs thing. In the meantime, you have steamed a bunch of vine leaves, which you fill with the remaining of the filling and roll into little dolmades. You put the little dolmades in the empty spaces between the stuffed tomatoes and peppers, you add a little olive oil, and 3-4 very ripe tomatoes you have grated before.
Then you bake this for an hour and a half. It is just the amount of time you need in order to clean the mess you have done in the kitchen.
During the cleaning time, you can hear your stomach growling and you can feel your saliva falling on the floor, because the smell getting out of the oven is just too rich and scrumtious.
And you end up eating 3 big ones of those - because you always use big tomatoes and peppers in this food - with too much feta, and swear that you will never cook this again!!!
In the meantime, you dream of eating one for breakfast, because they taste so much better the next day in room temperature!
Granted, today is a new day, and my stomach is still upset from last night's dinner. I think the next couple of days call for salad dinners, and fruits the rest of the day. Surely I will not get on the scales before Saturday. I will be so sad to see something different than the beautiful number I saw last week!
I got to get back to work now. I trully apologise for not commenting on your blogs. I am reading them at least every couple of days, but always when I am at the phone at work, trying to persuade some bastardious journo to take an interview from some bastardious artist. I just hope that things will be normal again SOON, cos I miss you!!!

Posted by Argy at 1:36 pm
Blogger - u said...

oh lady. don't worry. i know i'm not the only one who will tell you it's great to read you, and heck we all have diverse schedule that may (or may not) allow us to do much else than remind others we're fine when we can! :o) its great reading you always, so just keep it coming!

3:15 pm

Blogger - u said...

by the way, i got hungry again reading this post!

3:24 pm

Blogger M said...

Me too. Wish we had computers you could smell through ;)
Have a great day

2:27 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I miss your frequent posts, but I totally understand. You've made me want stuffed peppers, my mother makes these the best. Mmmm.

9:32 am

Blogger Angel said...

I haven't made stuffed capsicums or vine leaves for soo long! am doing that this week!!!! yummy!! do u use lamb or beef mince or both??

YUM!! and they are the best the next day at room temperature LOL

5:06 pm

Blogger Denise said...

My dear Argy, I'm so glad to hear that your apartment is coming together so nicely. I do miss your sunny words but it takes time to get everything set up properly after you move, so I will be patient until you're able to get back to your normal internet routine. :-)

7:34 am

Blogger Balloon said...

Hi Argy. I've been reading your diary for ages and you've inspired my to change things for the better. You're a great woman! Good luck with the new flat. It must feel great :)

10:27 pm


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