Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Celebrate the 8th, which is actually the 16th!

wedding, originally uploaded by Silverella.

Eight years ago, at that time, I was getting a professional french manicure. My hair was in rollers, I was in a gorgeous brand new white silk dressing gown, my girlfriends were with me, my family was there with me, the phone was constantly ringing, flowers were arriving all the time. I was avoiding my parents' eyes, because I was not allowed to get teary, and I was trying to persuade my dog to stay out of my bedroom because he was crazy (as he still is) and he was not allowed to touch my dress.

June 28, 1997.

Our wedding day.

So we are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. The completion of the 8th year we have been spouces. Which is actually the 16th year since the first time we got together. Surely I was mad and was leaving him and returning and leaving him again to simply return yet again. It both feels like yesterday and yet like forever.I love my husband. Really genuinely love him. He is a rare man. One of the few left if I may say so. He has a concrete set of ethics of his own. He is sincere. He has a forgiving soul. He knows how to give a second chance (and a third and a forth...). He is polite. He has respect. He stands in awe in front of nature. He never breaks a promise and yet rarely gives one. He honours his word. He has a heart of gold. And the body of a god ;o).

There was a time, not too far ago, where I thought that Angelos was too good for me.This is not true. I think we are a perfect match. He is logical when I am being irrational. He is patient when I am being impatient. He is sober when I am panicking. He is acceptive when I am being inventive. He is stable when I am experimenting. He brings me down to earth and allows me to take him to the clouds. He knows how to say no to me and lets me persuade him when he feels I am right. He makes me stop smoking pot and yet share an occasional joint with me. He likes to eat the breast of the chicken, I like to eat the legs. He loves his fruit a bit unripe, I eat my fruit over-ripe. No don't shake your head! There is never fruit thrown away in our home!!!

We went though our share of hard times in our marriage. Back then, as I already said, I thought Angelos deserved better than me. At the same time I believed I was too good and deserved better than him. Because this sounds weird, I want to clear it out. I thought that Angelos was the perfect family man. And that he deserved a woman who wanted a family, children, stability, and to be worshiped by her husband and him only. And I was thinking that there are too many orange trees to get just one orange for the rest of my life. I was a thinking of all the things he was not, like naughty, or spontaneous, or ready to spend the money saved for our insurance on a luxurious weekend in Sifnos.

You know, it was really my fault. When I was thinking about the things he was not, I was missing a point. A very serious, very crucial point. I was so self centered, that I did not allow him to show me his potential. I did not trust him to let him surprise me.

I have learnt something and I want to share it with you. Do not waste your time thinking what your partner is not. Use your time to think about the things you are not letting them show you. This saved my marriage. And it really saved my life.I could go on forever about him you know. But I will spare you more mussy stuff.

Today is a long day for me. I am at work since 10 am, I have an appointment at 5.30, a therapy session at 8.00, and he is picking me afterwards and he is taking me out on a date to celebrate. Do you know what I am wearing? A very fitted white/red plaid shirt that I bought last year and dreamed of fitting into, a white skirt, and red high heeled mules. Very 60's I tell you. Angelos will like this so much!!! And yes, I am sitting in my desk at work right now, with rollers in my hair. A working girl got to do silly things when she leaves home at 9.30 am and has a date with her man at 9.30 pm and no chance to return home!

And this morning I woke up and got on the scales all impatient. Because I was a model dieter all weekend and was feeling really proud and eager to get my reward.

Actually, on Sunday evening I had Monday's post in my head, and come Monday I had no 10 minutes free at work to write it. But I will tell you very quickly what it was about, because all of you my darlings were on my mind during the weekend.Saturday night we had 2 friends over. We would eat dinner in the balcony and play cards, a game we play in couples. Our friends need to loose no weight. And Angelos seriously needs to gain a couple of kilos. And I need to loose 17.5. Oh I didn't tell you! I lost 1.5 kg this week ;o)

So I grilled pieces of sword fish with tomato, onions, and peppers on a skillet, octupus boiled in vinegar and wine, and I made a huge seasonal salad. Everyone loved it, I ate well. And then we all splurged in summer fruits: apricots, cherries, melon, water melon, peaches, nectarines.And on Sunday we did go to the beach. And my swim suit from last year is too big. And I felt comfortable wearing it. And I was happy because I was feeling alive and joyous after quite a long time! Don't get mistaken and think I look good in that swiming suit. I look awful really. But, my husband and my friends were telling me I look great. And I knew what they meant, because I felt great too: I looked so connected and appreciative of this body of mine, which I have put through so much and yet it is still here to support me and take me through this wonderful journey that is called life, that cellulite and flab and strechmarks be damned! Tis the only body I have you know. Instead of dreaming about what it used to be and all the "what if's...if I had not..." I am loving it and feeling proud of it and am determined to honour it and use it to its total potential!!!!

Right...gotta go back to work. Long post again, but I have missed talking to you!!!!

oh and...!

I found a very badly scanned photo of that day here in my pc at work. And because you are my friends, I am sharing it with you. I really feel you as my friends you know. You shauna and you Kimba and you Cat and you Tracy and you Denise and You and You and All of you. Angelos feels you are my friends too you know. He asks about you: "How is Shauna? How is Kimba? Will we meet Cat next time in Amsterdam? Do you feel sorry you did not know Denise when we were in San Diego so you could have a latte with her" etc...

I am really emotional today, because I am happy to celebrate our anniversary, because I am happy to weigh 86.5, because it is summer and my face is a tad sunburnt, because I am alive and I have been given the gift of life, the gift of love and the gift of friendship.

Thank you all for hugging me you know. Because your support and sweetness surely feel like hugs to me!

Posted by Argy at 3:51 pm
Anonymous dietgirl said...

argy! you are the bee's knees. happy anniversary to you :)

5:55 pm

Blogger Shrinking Girl said...

what a beautiful post and gorgeous photo. have a very very happy anniversary!!

8:14 pm

Anonymous tszuj said...

"Do not waste your time thinking what your partner is not. Use your time to think about the things you are not letting them show you."

Thank you so much for this message. I needed to hear it.

Happy Anniversary!

9:14 pm

Blogger lms said...

Happy Anniversary.

You guys are such a gorgeous couple!!

That was a beautiful post Argy. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom on marriage and relationships.

12:32 am

Blogger Denise said...

Happiest of anniversaries, my dear Argy (and Angelos, if he's reading)!!! Your outfit sounds amazing and your man is a very lucky guy - :-)

1:57 am

Blogger M said...


Happy Anniversary to you both.

You are beautiful. The photo is beautiful. And I feel beautiful after reading your post.

Have a wonderful day :)

AND whooo hoooo for your loss this week. Yipppppeeeeee

2:28 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! And my goodness I can see why you rave over that man of yours, he is a hottie. (thanks for sharing ;)
And now we know what you look like - you are so beautiful! What a lovely face, to match your soul.
Lastly, thanks for reminding me that I shoudl value my husband for what he is rather than seeing what he isn't. I needed that today!
Take care and enjoy your date


3:22 am

Blogger jaime said...

Beautiful! Happy anniversary!

3:57 am

Blogger Kate said...

Happy anniversary! What a beautiful couple, and a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - it's so nice to read.

11:48 am

Blogger Catesa said...

happy anniversary gorgeous! that whole post was really wonderful, such a tribute to your marriage and the beauty of Angelos' spirit. you truly appreciate him and thats a beautiful thing :) reading it all, i cant be mad at Marcel anymore, what you wrote also made me remember all the good things he does for me too.

have a GREAT date with your man, i wish you the best 8th anniversary ever :)

12:31 pm

Anonymous lee said...

Beautiful post, Argy! And that photo is just the best. Gorgeous. You two look so happy and in love. Plus, this was an excellent tribute to him and your marriage. Too bad there aren't more married couples who can say such things after eight years of marriage.

2:04 pm

Blogger M@rla said...

What a lovely post! And you are both so beautiful and happy in your photo. Congratulations on 8 and 16, and best wishes for many more!

3:37 pm

Blogger k said...

Happy Anniversary! The photo is beautiful as is the description of your loving marriage. Have fun tonight! :)

7:05 pm

Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva said...

This is my first time stopping by, and such a wonderful read to be greeted with. Congratulations to you strangers, whose love I can feel from your words!

3:54 am

Blogger Pauly said...

you look absolutly stunning !
happy anniversary, i hop you have an awesome dinner!

12:29 am

Blogger Nikki said...

Congratulations on your 8th Anniversary:-)

That was a very touching post. Hubby and I are celebrating 5 years this year after 8 years of going out also. I also broke up with him about 5 times in that time only to go back. You are so right about letting him surprise me.

Just a wonderful post ::weeping::

12:45 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

Happy Anniversary! You look absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

1:24 am

Blogger Wenchy said...

Happy Anniversary!

4:25 pm

Anonymous Lynda said...

As usual, you look beautiful and yes, your husband is a hottie! Lovely words and so wonderful that you together. You two really are made for each other. Thanks for saying hello on my page too.. :)

1:20 pm

Blogger smallislandgirl said...

Happy aniversary to and thank you for your beautiful words.

9:43 pm

Anonymous Jackie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary :)

Cheers Jackie

10:28 pm


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