Tuesday, May 31, 2005
We moved!
Yes indeed! We moved on Saturday at 7 am on the pouring rain! The movers were punctual at 7am, and everything was in the new house by 10.30!

When the first pieces of furniture got into the house, I almost had a heart attack. Most of our wooden furniture is a dark-ish brown, and that against the ivory wall was too much for me! Angelos did not say anything, but I could see he was just holding back not to upset me. So as soon as the movers left, I took the keys of the car, handed them to Angelos, and told him: Let's go!!! Where to? he asked. To the flower shop, I said. Right, let's go! he replied. We went and bought so many flowers! Sunflowers, red and yellow roses, some exotic flowers in orange and purple called paradise birds in greek, some fuschia and white lillies, and then returned home and arranged them in vases and then we begun to move furnioture around and by 3pm we had a home!

A gorgeous living/dinning area and a kitchen drenched in sunlight. The flowers did an amazing job and the ivory of the walls with the accent of the colourful flowers softened immensely the bold contrast of the darki-sh furniture. The result was incredible!

We just LOVE our new appartment!!!!

Of course, we have two rooms full of boxes with shut doors. I think it will be at least a couple of more weeks till this is totally ready, but now the fun begins.

I do not remember being that tired in my entire life before. My whole body aches and all I want to do now is sleep! But it's my first day at work since thursday and I need to do a pile of things here.

I just wanted to let you know how things went, and tell you I have missed you!!!!

Unfortunaly, the phone company will take at least a week till it connects our phone, and that means no internet at home! Which is sort of good, cos one of the rooms with the locked door and the thousand boxes happens to be the study...hehehe

I will soon catch up on you all and I will be back soon with details and stuff!

Posted by Argy at 1:00 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

've missed you!! but am glad your move has been successful and you can have a chance to get everything in order, your fowers sound beautiful! sunflower & bird of paradise are some of my favourites, so pretty. cant wait for details & photos ;)

2:41 pm

Anonymous Cathy in Sweden said...

Glad to hear that the move went well.

I always miss you when you are not posting but at least we knew the reason why so we did not have to worry :-)

Good luck with your new home!

2:44 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Wohoo! Good luck for the new house, salt and rye bread! I know EXACTLY all the excitement, having experienced the same about eight months ago :)

3:22 pm

Blogger Wenchy said...

Enjoy! I LOVE sunflowers. :o)

4:27 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

hurrah! we missed you! glad it went well :) no better workout than moving house. except maybe a vigorous shag... hee hee!

5:09 pm

Blogger Shrinking Girl said...

I know exactly how you are feeling because we just spent the past week (well, from May 20 to 27) moving into our new house. I have never been this exhausted in my whole life. Here's to both of us resting up and enjoying our new homes!! Congrats!!

5:56 pm

Blogger Denise said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new place. :-)

9:19 pm

Blogger M said...

Congrats on the successful move. I've always loved dark heavy furniture but they do brighten up beautifully with loads of flowers. It sounds wonderful. Enjoy the week. :)

2:26 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

I've missed you, but I knew you were busy with moving. I hope you get settled in quickly and am very glad you are pleased with the place. :)

7:06 am

Blogger - u said...

oh! lady you're missed back too!
congrats on the successful move! love that you're loving the new place :oD

9:55 am

Blogger Kate said...

Glad that the move went well - I can just picture all those flowers too - how lovely. I love fresh flowers but they are so expensive sadly.

12:38 pm

Blogger kimba said...

how exciting, that's the best part of moving, once all the packing and cleaning is done and you can enjoy the new home and the new energy. I love that feeling of waking up in your new home when everything is unpacked and looking lovely. Makes it all worthwhile!

7:14 am

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