Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I am delighted that ms ralph offered to redesign my blog and make it more personal. She did a wonderful job and she made me feel like I am having two new homes now, one in Athens and the other on the web :) Timing could not have been better! I still have to add all the links to the blogs I read, but this will take some time and will be done right after the move!
Oh the
I will not go into it now, or else I will scare my precious Kimba more!
My mom came over this morning, and she weighted herself on my scales, freaked out because she seemed to have gained 2 kilos and went back to her house. She called me right away and told me she did not gain two kilos and that my scales are wrong.
So I weighed myself on my scales (88.2) and then went and weighed myself on the pharmacy scales. They showed me 1.6 less (86.6) and I had clothes on.
So I called Angelos and asked him to weigh himself in the gym today, they have these very accurate huge scales with the balance thingy and then I will make him weigh at our scales too.
If this is right and my scales are showing more, it does not mean I have lost more weight lately, because I always weigh myself on those scales. It just means I have a little less to go, and much more importantly, that I will only have 2.1 to loose to be just gorgeously overweight, instead of threateningly obese.
I am eating a lot less lately, simply because I am too busy with the move, thus food is not in my mind all the time. I like it this way!

Posted by Argy at 2:07 pm
Blogger Wenchy said...

It seems you are in control of your eating. That is a good feeling.

4:36 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

stoopid scales! why isn't there some sorta universal scale? one scale to rule them all!

it is so, so true about being busy... i wish i was busier so i didn't think about food so much. hehe.

5:16 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

ohh i love the new look!! so bright and cheerful :D scales suck lets whip them with leather belts until they learn their lesson! happy moving lovely :)

8:04 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I know what you mean about scales too. My scales always show 200 grams more than what the WW scales says, I'm just thankful it is not the other way around. And you deserved the new look. I am just so pleased you like it. :)

12:47 am

Blogger M said...

Lovely sunflower. Very happy and cheerful.Like you. If you have a tin of vegetables at home that weighs say 1kg, you can put them on your scale and readjust the scale settings. That way it should go back to being correct.

Have a great day. :)

2:13 am

Blogger kimba said...

Yay for rebeka making your blog so pretty - it's much more YOU now :)

I love it when I'm busy enough to distract me from eating. What I don't like is when I get SO busy that I get stressed and don't have time to cook healthy food because then I end up eating too much junk!

3:57 am

Blogger Kate said...

LOVE the new look!!

11:06 am

Anonymous Lynda said...

Hi - just thought I'd pop in and say HELLO!!! How exciting moving... and your new page looks great too.

12:29 pm

Blogger Emma said...

Woah, pretty blog. It matches my teapot. The only thing I'd suggest is changing the colour of the side bar scrolly things to something I can actually see - maybe it's just me? Should I put my glasses on I wonder.... Hmm :)

Hurrah for gorgeously overweight! I'm still reading you all faithfully, just not commenting or writing. Keep up the good work Argy ;) (I feel like a teacher when I say that).

1:11 pm

Blogger Denise said...

I love the new 'do - very you! Congrats on being too busy to eat, what a wonderful way to be. :)

5:48 pm

Blogger a new start said...

love the new look...very cheery...

i hate scales scale is alway a bit less than the doctor's scale so when i weigh myself there, i always end up leaving a bit annoyed....stupid scales.

12:01 pm


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