Monday, May 23, 2005
It's all about the move!!!!
I have been so busy with the move! This morning when I woke up I could not really get up. Every muscle in this body (even long forgotten ones) is sore and complaining! Since Thursday I have:

Spent two days cleaning the new appartment. And it still needs work to be done. I think for the next month or more I will have to clean this place up every day. It happens with new buildings. The dust comes out of everywhere!

I have packed and took there all the winter clothes, put them in storage in the new place too

I have packed all the linens - sheets, tableclothes, towels, etc - and took them home and arranged them too!

I have packed and moved and arranged all the winter shoes too! And yes, I will never admit how many pairs of shoes I have, but I will tell you that I am definately related to either Imelda Marcos or to centipedes!

Besides two forks, two glasses, two plates, the espresso maker, the wok and a couple of containers, everything else from my kitchen is in the new kitchen! Plus all the pyrex's, and pots and good serving stuff, like trays etc.

Also, during the weekend we went and bought a sink to replace the one we broke here, and we also got our new stove. We cannot take the old one with us, because in the new appartment the kitchen appliances are fitments. Luckily, our dishwasher works both ways, and the fridge can be fitted, if the carpenter who made the kitchen can remove one of the two wooden panels that form the box where the fridge goes in. It is a pity really, because the width of our fridge is 73 cms, and the width of the box is 71.5. But I love our fridge and do not want to have to buy a new one! So if he takes one panel off it will be perfect. Of course, if he does this I will loose the closet that is on top of the fridge but I can live with it. Tuesday afternoon I am meeting the carpenter and see what happens.

I still have so much to do. So much that I try not to think of all of them at the same time or else I will panic!

I will not be a good blogger till we move, but I will prolly post some more from work later today. Cos although all this work, I have been pondering the first of my nine questions and I have found some answers!

Posted by Argy at 8:57 am
Blogger Catesa said...

ooo busy moving lady, its hard work isnt it? but so much fun and rewarding adn the fresh start feeling, lucky girl :D im sending happy new house vibes and dreaming in my mind about how many pairs of shoes you own ;)

1:57 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Moving is awful and awesome at the same time - I hate packing and unpacking but love starting up something new! Good luck for the new home :) Any chance of getting pictures of the balcony...?

4:03 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Argy you know you're scaring me...we'll be moving at some stage this year and just the thought of all that cleaning is freaking me out :)

1:26 am

Blogger Wenchy said...

Sounds exhausting!

8:41 am

Anonymous Karen said...

Wow you have been a busy lass and still lots more work to do with the move! Rather you than me though it can be fun with all the unpacking and discovering places for things to go.
Take care

10:40 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

I also hate moving, but starting fresh is one of my favorite things to do. Hope you aren't feeling drained.

11:03 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Hey I love the new look! Sunflowers are one of my favourites :)

3:21 am

Blogger k said...

I h-a-t-e moving!! And, unfortunately, I do it way too often. I always realize just how much STUFF I have (way too much!). Love the new site design!

6:18 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

hope it's going well argy! and great new design, ms ralph.

i am using IE6 at work and Firefox at home and the line spacing on the text is quite squishy up, ie there's not much white space between the lines and makes it a little hard to read.... then again i might need glasses :)

10:54 am

Blogger Silverella said...

Thanks for the input dietgirl! When I changed from the first font I forgot to change the line spacing. Should be easier to read now. You guys don't need glasses! :)

1:30 pm


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