Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Nine Questions
I got home at 9 last night. Did I tell you that during the weekend Vangelis and Sofia moved to their new home? I was in their house from Friday afternoon packing and carrying and it was such a hard work that almost ended Sunday night, that almost made me reconsider moving So yesterday after work I went by their house to help with some stuff and get some more boxes to use for our move.

Angelos came to pick me up and I asked him if he minded me spending some time alone in my study while he watched some TV. Luckily, he was feeling like watching TV and he said if I cook him something nice he would not mind being alone.

Pork chops with basil pesto rice afterwards, I was sitting in my study. Now, you got to understand that our appartment is full of empty boxes. Our clothes are scattered everywhere. We clean the bathroom and the kitchen, we sort of tidy our bedroom, and this is it, the rest is chaos. We both feel as if this is a large hotel room and not our home anymore. Strange. So I had the light off, in an attempt to not see the mess surrounding me, and the pc on.
I tried really hard to think of my goals. My rewards. Things I want to achieve. I tried really hard to find ways to motivate me. I could not. I got up to go to the kitchen to get some more ice for my drink. Now that is summer I am again addicted to scented water. Try it if you want to increase your water intake. Take a big jar, fill it with water and ice, and add any of the following: slices of orange, fresh basil leaves, fresh mint leaves.
Anyway, as I was walking past my open closet, I got a glimpse of myself in my underwear. I stopped and looked more closely. I half closed my eyes and could see my figure only.It was darkish with just the light of the pc screen. I was pleased. Well proportioned. This has always saved me, even in my highest weight, I had a well defined waist.
Then I turned the light on. Now this was not as good a feeling as before. The flaws were brightly enlightened. I felt what I fight for so long. A deep disappointment. The truth is that it really aches to see the damage in my body. I used to be so fit. You have heard me before complaining about the stretch marks and the cellulite and the looseness and and and. This is what I do lately, complain, feel the disappointment, and then pack these feelings and hide them somewhere, pretending I forget them.
Yesterday, I took them to extremes. I begun to grab, squeeze, pinch, you name it my flesh. My thighs. My arms. My belly. My breasts. I made my cellulite more visible. I smoothened my skin with my fingers to see each and every stretchmark. I pressed my skin around my belly closer to see the loose skin more freakinshly.
I did not do all this with detest or disgust. I was getting really aquainted with them all. Deeply aknowledging them. And then I had a brilliant idea.
I looked for my red sating fat pants. Elastic waist of course. And the red coat most of you have seen in my before pic. And put them on. And then, took some lengths or rope (cos our house besides being full of boxes is full of all moving accesories: ropes, duck tapes, packing papers, etc) and I took tshirts and socks and undies and you name it and I wrapped them around my body so that I could fit into these clothes. I became my old 130 kilos me again. I looked funny. You could see a small head and a small neck getting out of these clothes. And then I went to the living room where Angelos was watching a film, and stood there.
He was shocked. He was looking at me and was speechless. All he managed to whisper was: You were never that big in my eyes, but honey, do you see what I see? You look enormous with these clothes!
Pictures never have this effect you know. Pictures never give you the feeling back. Pictures cannot make it hard for you to bend. I could not bend easily yesterday because of my stuffed stomach and belly. I could not reach my toes.
I returned to my study with a feeling of extreme pride. I felt so proud of my accomplishment. As I stood in front of the mirror, untying the layers of clothing from my thighs, I felt tears falling from my eyes. For each cut rope and each tshirt falling off me, I felt my past dropping on the floor. It was like I was watching scenes from childhood, from teenagehood. But when I was done and was again left in my underwear, I felt as if I was more naked than my bare flesh. Strange feeling really, but I felt really very vulnerable.
I sat down and closed my eyes and breathed deep, like I do in my therapy sessions, and tried to exagerate the feeling I was having. It is a technique we use a lot with my therapist. I was feeling more and more vulnerable, till I felt fear. And I begun to ask questions to myself. These are the questions I wrote down on a piece of paper last night:
  • Why are you afraid?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Why you feel this now, after "re-producing" your lost fat?
  • What else do you feel you have lost along with this fat that you have not yet admitted to yourself?
  • What is the fat protecting you from?
  • Are you ready to trust life so that you need no more of this kind of protection?
  • What is that you need to feel safe about so that you let the remainin fat go?
  • What do you gain by staying in this weight?
  • What do you think you will loose if you loose the rest of this fat?
Last night I did not get my motivation back. Nor I replied to these questions. Being able to admit I have them was enough. And very strong too.
This morning I still have not attempted to answer them. This morning I will just enjoy the return of the feeling of pride for my accomplishment so far and the renewed appreciation for my body.
I am absolutely certain that when I answer these questions I will have made the first step to the final countdown.
This is a more summery look for this blog. I wish I could make something myself that would be closer to who I am really. But since I know nothing about templates, this will have to do for now!

Posted by Argy at 9:18 am
Blogger a new start said...

I like the layout of your new site...pretty...

12:40 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

thats incredible Argy, such an intense experience but it such good to give you that feeling of pride back. you deserve to carry that feeling with you always for how hard you have worked to accomplish what you have. big hugs for you. lovin' the new look by the way :)

3:29 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

wow, i have tears in my eyes after reading that... what a powerful experience. that's an intense bunch of questions you've asked yourself too.

(ps... how do you do the pesto rice!?)

5:15 pm

Blogger Wendy said...

wow, what an intense experience and entry. so intense and personal, I am almost surprised - but glad! - that you could share it.

this list you have, this is the key to the core issues, imho. "motivation", "willpower" - those are just camouflages for the real reasons we eat and make ourselves heavy. you are tapping into those reasons - really, truly. wow! be proud of yourself for FACING this stuff. I know it's hard work!

6:25 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

Amazing post girl. You have such a way with words.

11:14 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I love you Argy. I love how you think and what you do to remind yourself of how far you've come. Can you believe I don't have anything I fit into at my heaviest weight? The biggest piece of clothing I still have is a size 18 pair of track pants.
I'm so proud of you that you take the time to ask these questions. I need to do some searching as well.

1:13 am

Blogger M said...

Your new layout looks great, very calm and summery.

A very intense and powerful post.

You should be proud

4:23 am

Blogger Kate said...

Love the new look. Loved your entry for today. I'm positive that you have just taken the first step towards the finishing line. You will do it!

12:00 pm

Blogger Angel said...

Everytime I read your blog,i take away a sense of strength and a new found energy. Your words inspire me everytime to try a little harder and to be truly proud of myself. You should be proud of yourself cause u deserve it. You are such an amazing woman, andi know i always tell u this but it is true! I always learn from you xox

3:10 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Such a fresh layout, I like it! I like the "paper approach" - when I have an issue that I need a solution for, I always write it down on a pieace of paper. The scary issue seems smaller and also more concrete and tangible like that.

3:13 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Oh we are so in the same place right now...I spent most of my weekend writing stuff down too and really focusing on the 'unconscious' thoughts that ultimately rule my behaviour. You know, I have so much I want to say to you, I wish I lived in Greece so we could go for a walk and have a looooong talk...thank goodness for email, but it's just not the same is it?

Love ya!

3:21 pm

Anonymous Karen said...

Hi ya
Loved your entry for today! Really moved me and had a tear or two in my eyes. You will answer your questions in your own time - and only you will know when you are ready to answer them.
Love the new look too! :)

9:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your honesty and courage is staggering. Thankyou so much for sharing with us.

remember, living well is the best revenge :-)

1:11 pm

Blogger airlie said...

oh baby! wish i was there to give you a hug! I was mesmerised my this entry but how proud you SHOULD be! You have come an amazing way and you are truly a beautiful soul! No amount of layers will cover that up!

12:11 pm

Blogger Denise said...

And now I am crying, too - crying for both of us and for everyone else who has to ask these questions and struggle with the answers. Why is it not easy? I guess if it were easy, we'd never appreciate what it takes to make it through, though, would we? I love you, my dearest, dearest friend!

5:11 am

Blogger - u said...

i read this post and it made me feel a sort of pang in my heart because i could absolutely understand what you were trying to do for yourself (and as far as i'm concerned, you've succeeded).
good for you lady!

12:48 pm


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