Monday, March 07, 2005
Let me vent please
The last few days will be classified as the big crisis in my book. All different kinds of bad things happened. Thursday afternoon we had a cancellation of a Nina Hagen concert that was the central event in a festival I am working for. Sponsors and media had to be notified, interviews and tv programs had to be cancelled, many many people were unhappy. Then, Thursday night I had a really serious argument with my husband that evolved to a big fight. Friday morning we lost a client. Friday noon, my mom's scan results were not ready yet while they should. Friday evening in a special event we had organised in a theatre, the main vip guests called in to say that they had problems and won't attend. We lost most of the cameras and the photographers cos of that. Saturday we woke up to yet another grey day with lots of rain. I decided to not let the weather affect me and instead get on the treadmill, then inflate the swiss ball and experiment. Well, there was a small hole somewhere in the swiss ball because it never inflated. Saturday afternoon we went to our nephew's 2nd birthday and I caught myself, after seeing all the kids there, to secretly pray that this one day late in my period meant I am pregnant. Sunday morning I woke up at 6am with horrible cramps from getting my period. This morning I woke up and got on the treadmill to stop after 10 minutes because the cramps got yet stronger again.

I am not saying all these to excuse myself for bad eating. Because besides all these, eating had been right on plan. Besides yesterday, that I had horrible craves for sweets and I ended up eating way too many fruits, but this is ok. I am worried about wednesday's weigh in because I am so bloated, that the jeans that needed a belt to stay in place on tuesday barely buttoned up yesterday.

I am just so very tired. I been having crisis over crisis for the last couple of months at work. I been coming home from work almost after 9 pm every day. My mobile is constantly ringing all weekend from several clients who always have something to say. And all I want now is a baby. And the national lottery too, so I won't work

I was dreaming of snakes last night. This can't be good, can it?

The only thing that keeps me sane is eating well. Exercising. Right now, these two things seem to be the only things I have any kind of control over.

Monday the 13 is a national holiday here. Angelos suggested going away for the long weekend. I want to go away so badly, but then, I am afraid to go because food will be a problem and I do not want to have to stress over this. And then, the weather is so bad still, that what if it just rains and rains again?

On a brighter and oh so vain note, I got a very belated birthday present from a filthy rich and yet crazy girlfriend this weekend. An Hermes handbag!

This post is very incoherent, not at all interesting, and makes me sound like a spoilt rat who complains and complains. I just feel this way today. And my mom's scan results are yet to come.

Posted by Argy at 9:26 am
Blogger Catesa said...

oh hunny, these times are rough arent they? and periods dont help, they just make everything worse emotionally. you arent a spoilt rat who complains. you are having a hard time and thats real... and it actually is interesting to read, its nice to have some possibility to relate, to see that there is not a "perfect" woman but a real, warm, caring woman who just has problems like everyone else :)
*hugs* and although its no consolation for the stress you feel for waiting on your mums scan results, maybe a little stroke of that fabulous hermes bag can bring a smile to your face ;)
hang in there you lovely lady.

1:22 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

What is it with the zodiac - it seems like everyone is having a blue day today (after a blue weekend...) Hang in there - what consoles me when things get crazy is the thought that if I was happy all the time I would not be happy after a while because I had nothing to compare to - you know what I mean? Feeling happy feels better after feeling utterly unhappy first :)
A Hermes bag? Eeeee! (Hear me screaming?)

4:09 pm

Anonymous Trish said...

Life sometimes is the pits - I so agree. I'm going through this "woe is me" slump right now and babe, it isn't attractive. I've no reason to be going through it like you have!

GO AWAY with the hubby, if your food choices aren't the greatest for 2-3 days it isn't going to kill you, but it will keep you sane and get you away from all the hubaloo going on.

I want a baby too, 'cept unless immaculate conception occurs, it isn't going to happen for me :)

Take care, and maybe delay that weigh in, especially if it is going to set you back mind wise.

8:13 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Oh pish... I'd love a hermes handbag, and now I am the one who is jealous. If at all possible I wouldn't weigh whilst on your period. It will not be weight that is real. My hubby used to say, "you're carrying your backpack." So please whatever the # is, don't sweat it. And I hope the rain lets up and the days get better really soon.

10:02 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Damn. I hope things start looking up soon.

12:08 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm having a very busy life at the moment, we're about to move to Spain. I have prioritised so that I don't crash

1. relaxation (30 mins a day at least)
2. eating right
3. exercise
4. work
5. everything else(socialising, cleaning house, planning trip etc.).

You may think relaxation, eating right, and doing exercise are a pain when life gets tough but really the short discomfort you have to make sure you do them is nothing compared to the benefits to your wellbeing and ability to deal with stress.


12:18 am

Blogger kimba said...

GRRRR I hate it when blogger doesn't let me post a comment! (see I need to vent too)

Sorry you've had such a shitty time but venting is good! That's what blogs are for - to get it all out. I hope you feel better for it.

Now you gorgeous woman, please go and kiss your Hermes bag, and go and check your plants on your balcony to see how Spring is coming along. (big hugs)

7:26 am


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