Monday, February 28, 2005
Introducing the Incline
I realise I sounded indeed fussy about the perfume. To ...ahem...clear my reputation, I have to tell you that I never return gifts unless they include a change card, which means that the person giving the gift was considering the option. I also never give gifts that have been given to me to other people. Out of respect to the one who gave it to me. Case closed.

I did get on the treadmill on Saturday and he indeed saved my sanity. But I tried something else too and my arms are still sore as I type today! I used weights! Yes, two cute, red, 1 kg each weights. Which I was holding in my hands as I was power walking. I know they are light weights, but boy did it make my workout a LOT more intense! After 15 minutes I was feeling as exhausted as I feel after 30 - 40 mins! That must mean something, right? And my arms are so sore! Those muscles have not been used for eons I

On Sunday I woke up very early. Well, waking up earlier than a work day on a Sunday is cruelly too early I reckon! And I could not do anything either, but reading blogs and the likes, because Angelos was asleep till 11.00! So after he woke up, I hit the kitchen and prepared food for the week. Firts, I minced 500 gr of skinless chicken breasts and 500 gr of lean beef. I also "minced" 500 gr of portobella mushrooms, and 500 gr of red peppers, onions, and zucchinis. I ended up with 20 burgers each of them for 1.5 points! I cut the salad for the weel (oh I do love you salad spinner), boiled a chicken, made some low fat quacamole, some hummus, put the burgers in the oven, and hit the treadmill, planning to work out for 30 minutes, while the burgers were cooking, then take a shower and have lunch.

And I had my latest discovery. The Incline!

Like every treadmill that repsects himself, mine has also the incline option. Which has never been used before. Till yesterday!

Boy it was a killer. I started with a 4% incline and went gradually up to 7%. But had to lower my speed as I was increasing the incline from 6.5 kph to 5.5 kph, or I would have For the first 20 minutes I also used the small weights on my hands, but for the rest 20 minutes I let them down, as I was close to having a heart attack! My thighs and calves have been sore since yesterday! It as been ages since I had sore legs!

But I am not sure this is the best for me. So I need the opinion of you knowledgable gym bloggers! Here is my situation:

Thighs: huge and wobbly
Calves:huge and not so wobbly

What is best for shaping them and loosing fat. A higher speed and no incline, or incline and a lower speed? And the forever question...a higher speed and more distance in less time, or lower speed and the same distance in longer time? Any suggestion will be GREATLY appreciated!

This is all for now. It is 9am and I have the treadmill across me demanding my attention! Then shower, breakfast and work to go to.

Good morning :)

Posted by Argy at 8:39 am
Blogger Catesa said...

good morning to you too! treadmills are wonderful arent they? the incline cane be killer and if you use your weights to do things like shoulder presses while you walk you can get a good shoulder toning workout :)
id love your burger recipe! do you cook them then freeze and just reheat in the oven or microwave when you want to eat one? maybe i will steal your idea for making guacamole & hummus for the week. off to search the tupperware catalogue for storage containers first ;)

thats an excellent question about the leg toning ... im very curious to know the answer as well. have a good day Argy!

12:54 pm

Anonymous LMG said...

You should do the most time you have available to you, at the highest intensity you can muster. For instance if you have an hour, it is better to do 60 minutes at a medium intensity than to try to do a high intensity and only manage 20 minutes. But if you only have 20 minutes available, it would be silly to waste it by working out at a low intensity. Hope this makes sense??? Incline will increase the intensity. Higher inclines work the glutes. Probably best to vary the inclines, intensities and speeds to suit the time available on the day. Keeping a log of what you have done will help too - you'll be ale to see your progress...

1:12 pm

Blogger Angel said...

What LMG says makes sense! i am interested too Argy on what everyone's opinion is on this cause i too started using the incline last week.

LOVE the sound of your burgers! I have to get myself a mincer or food processor!!! can do so much!! plus i would like a juicer..oh hell!! there is sooo much i want LOL

Sorry haven't commented in ages, but i do read your blog practially everyday!!!!

take care sweetheart xox

2:04 pm

Blogger Chris said...

I've got lots of thoughts on this, so feel free to email me.

blog at (Does that make sense? -- if not, just hit my little email feedback link on my website).

In short, great work for thighs would involve split squats, swiss ball squats, leg curls (either with a swiss ball or on those machines). Great work for calves would involve seated or standing calf raises (I prefer standing, because it incorporates more muscles).

Inclines are evil.

4:33 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Ooh the incline. I've been playing with it lately too. Talk about a workout :D

I would think that a mixture of a lot of different intensities/ inclines would be good for you, because your body won't get used to it. My PT said whenever you use Cardio machines you should select the 'Random' program because it keeps changing the intensity and your body works harder. So that's what I try to do. But yeah I'd love to know what the magic formula is to slim down the lower legs! I guess if you burn fat all over, it has to come off there as well.

12:47 am

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