Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Wednesday Weigh In
So I got on the scales today. Because I wanted to have my usual weekly, morning, butt naked weigh in, to record it here, like I said I will every week. I also wanted to know how much I lost on the “back to ww points” and I also wanted to have a fresh starting weight to compare for the new 15 day challenge with this new eating plan, which, after a thorough grocery shopping yesterday, starts today.

So I lost a kilo and am back to the wonderful – for now – land of the 80’s. Felt really good to see the magic 8 this morning.

I am also really pushing myself in the exercise front. After a great suggestion from Chris, I just bought myself a fitness ball this morning. Unfortunately I did not find one with a DVD, but this one I got has a flyer with a series of exercises, so it should be ok. I am so looking forward to start tomorrow morning. And I also changed the weights. Instead of working both hands simultaneously with 1 kg in each, I am now doing them separately by using both weights in one hand.

My treadmill has a 30 mins weightloss program. It keeps the speed steady and alters the inclines every 5 mins. But the speed is very low at 3.2 kpm, so I am increasing it at 6.0 kpm. I hope it doesn’t break the machine…lol. I know I should program it and make a couple of different programs to alternate each day, instead of just pushing buttons while I work out. But I would need to read the manual for that and me and manuals have never been close!

And another thing that is different ever since the incline and weights were incorporated to my work out is my hunger. I am really hungry all day long! I wonder if it is due to the extra effort. We will see.

Anyway, I got to work some too. So here is this week’s results:

age: 36

height: 168cm (5'6")
start weight: 130 kg (286lb) on February 2001
start BMI: 46.1
start size: 22W US
start bodyfat%: 53.95%
start waist-hip ratio: 0.76

goal weight: 69kg (152lb) (cos I was born in ’69 ;)
goal BMI: 24.4
goal size: 10 top 12 bottom

current weight: 89.8 kg (197.6 lb)
current BMI: 31.8
current size: 14 (top) 16 (bottom)
total loss: -40.2 (83.6 lb)
current bodyfat %: 42.4 %
current waist-hip ratio: 0.78 total
cm lost: -141.5 cm

Posted by Argy at 1:39 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

fabulous week loss Argy! you must be very pleased with your efforts ;) its so fascinating to see your before stats & current stats, the body fat% is pretty impressive (of course the kilo loss is too!!)
have a good day you!

5:57 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Hello babes. Sorry I have been incognito. I think a kilo weight loss is fantastic. Keep up the exercise because you have to do enough for me too! ;)

11:07 pm

Blogger Chris said...

Congrats on getting the ball. There are so many neato ways to use it. I like it as a replacement for a bench for chest presses. I like it for putting against the wall and lowering myself up and down into squats. I like being on the ground with the ball under my lower legs and using it for reverse crunches. Heck, just SITTING on the thing helps you build core stabilizer muscles.

11:34 pm


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