Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Here they are!

I will bite the bullet and write it down for everyone to see. My weight of today that is. Because I really do know how to make wonders. Like I did in the detox. And I really know how to destroy them too. Like I did. Please do not be too sweet to me. I am almost over it now. But this is only because of the realisations and disillusionments I was talking about yesterday. Actually, now I think of it more, I am almost happy about it. Really. But this is another post to come. As I said yesterday, it will come as soon as all of these settle a bit more inside me :o)

So…as I have been schooled by the best, I will do this the Kimba ‘n dietgirl way:

age: 36
height: 168cm (5'6")
start weight: 130 kg (286lb) on February 2001
start BMI: 46.1
start size: 22W US
start bodyfat% : 53.95%
start waist-hip ratio: 0.76

goal weight: 69kg (152lb) (cos I was born in ’69 ;)
goal BMI: 24.4
goal size: 10 top 12 bottom

current weight: 90.8 kg (199.7 lb)
current BMI: 32.2
current size: 14 (top) 16 (bottom)
total loss: -39.2 (83.6 lb)
current bodyfat %: 42.4 %
current waist-hip ratio: 0.78
total cm lost: -141.5 cm (this is according to mybodcomp site, that actually measures even the neck and the wrist!!! According to my previous and new measurements the cm lost are 137.5 and I am counting both legs and arms..hehehe)

next milestone: 88.8 (176lb) I want to get to the pre-Amsterdam 80’s weight by March 10! Tis recently acquired, it will better be dropped FAST!

And here are also the measurements (in cm) from 2001 compared to the yesterday!
Chest: 120
Waist: 106
Abdomen: 133
Hips: 140
Thigh: 88
Calf: 52
Arm: 46

Chest: 106
Waist: 90
Abdomen: 103
Hips: 115
Thigh: 69.5
Calf: 45
Arm: 39

And here are also my warm thank you to you all who inspired me to search for non scale victories!

(Exercise today will be an hour’s walk in lunch time because it is so sunny and gorgeous. I only did 15 mins on the treadmill due to an early appointment. My breakfast was same as yesterday’s and I have everything planned too!)

Posted by Argy at 12:03 pm
Blogger ms ralph said...

Somehow having a record of the numbers seals the deal doesn't it? You have your goal in front of you and now you can work towards it without ever looking back. That is what I tell myself, I say, "self, you have no where eles to go, it is either get smaller, stay the same, or get bigger, and you are NOT going to get bigger." Thanks for the compliments on my hair btw. You rock.

12:54 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Sounds like a good start, way to go! Somehow I did not realize you've lost 40 kilos already - that's a HUGE accomplishment!

3:21 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also did not realise that you have already lost 40kg!!!!!
You are a star!!


10:44 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Look at you shrinking! 30cm off your abdomen! That's fantastic. You're doing so well Argy, you're an endless inspiration to me.

And please don't say 'only 15 minutes' - ANY time exercising is better than no time :)

12:47 am

Blogger Denise said...

You are doing just fine, so give yourself permission to backslide a wee bit and then get right back to it and it will come off even more quickly. :)

1:55 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be so proud that you did 15 minutes, that is SOOO good. You could have switched on the tv and wasted those 15 minutes away but no you used them to benifit your body! Congratulations.
jaime (

2:12 am

Blogger Dazed said...

YOU are on a roll! Keep it up!!!

3:00 am

Anonymous Trish said...

Trish, wow you ahve come a LONG way - congrats on your progress so far and lots of progress vibes are being sent your way for future :)

4:22 am


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