Tuesday, March 01, 2005
A Surprise and the Plan
Lately I have been thinking a lot about how to eat. I undusted my old WW winning points books, have considered rejoining WW now they introduced the flex points here, have been thinking about my partner's blood type diet nutritionist, have considered going back to my holistic med for another "softer" detox, and have been finding it hard to decide.

Then I read all rebecca's archives during the weekend, and she kept saying how difficult it is to loose the last 1/3 of the weight. I know that most people start a diet at my weight, many even before reaching it, but for me, who started at 130 kilos, it really IS the last 1/3 of the weight that needs to be lost.

And I have been fantastic with my points all this week. But at my weight and with all these points at hand (24 - 28) I ate 3 slices of pizza, and some chocolate, had a couple of glasses of wine, pita bread, a naughty breakfast of bacon and eggs. The rest was all lean and nice, and not one day I went over my lower point allowance, but! This is not the kind of food I should be eating.

But you know how sometimes things take care of themselves. How sometimes when something suddenly finds its answer totally out of the blue.

Years ago I was seeing a nutritionist. He and I became sort of friends. He actually is a friend of Vangelis, and I used to see him once a year or so in their house. But he moved to America for the last three years, to do an entra course and some more research, and have not seen him ever since. But yesterday, I was walking downtown after an appointment, and I run into him. Apparently he is back from New York. So I practically run to him shouting his name, when he turned his head and looked at me and said...Oh my God...you did it again! You lost a 5 year old kid! I laughed. When we last saw each other, I was in my forever highest weight. I had time and he suggested a coffee in his office which was really near by.

We talked a lot. I told him how I lost the weight. I told him about the treadmill. He was happier about the treadmill than anything else. We talked a lot about WW. He told me that WW is the perfect program for someone to follow after loosing the weight. For maintainance and for leading a normal life with the occasional chocolate and alcohol and slice of pizza. But he insisted that especially in cases like mine, of a pro yoyo dieter with great ammounts of weight lost and regained and lost, the best program to follow is not WW. He said I need something to "rearrange" the fat cells in my body. He said there is a difference about maintaining a healthy weight by eating right, and having to be constantly in diet to maintain it. And he said that he thinks I belong in the second group. He offered to work a program for me. For free. He was indeed impressed by my hard work and wanted to help. He said I will be his personal project. And he also hoped that if we work together, Vangelis might want to join the effort.

Of course I was happier than happy to accept his offer.

So now, after my 40 mins in the treadmill, I am here to tell you how I am going to eat for the next 15 days. Then I will meet him and change the program for the next 15 days. He also got me in the scales. I weighted at 90.5. That's 300 gr less than last Wednesday, but I was fully clothed with boots and all, where last week's 90.8 was butt naked first thing in the morning. I promised I won't weigh at home but at his scales in exactly 15 days.

Here is the Plan:


50 gr of cereal (Special K, Allbran flakes, Quacker, Muesli) with a cup of 0% - 1.5% milk
A glass of 0%-1.7% milk, 2 rye crisps, a tsp of honey, 1 fruit
A glass of 2 squeezed oranges, 30 gr of Gouda Milner (tis a low fat gouda), a slice of wholeweat bread
Same glass of orange juice, a boiled egg, a slice of wholewheat bread


A sandwich with 2 slices of wholewheat bread, and
1. a boiled egg, 60 gr of cottage, tomato, and a fruit, or
2. 60 gr of lean turkey ham, 40 gr Milner, tomato, and a fruit

120 gr tuna in sprng water with salad and a slice of wholewheat bread
big salad with 100 gr feta cheese and a slice of wholewheat bread
a yogurt and 2 fruits
or big salad with 70 gr lean beef and a slice fo wholewheat bread


220 gr of boneless chicken breast, big green salad, 40 gr Milner, 1 slice of wholewheat bread
220 gr of fish, salad, milner, bread
250 gr of green beans, or peas, or okra, or artichokes, or eggplants with tomato sauce, 1 Tsp of oil, 70 gr feta cheese, 1 slice of bread
an ommelete with an egg and two egg whites, 1 slice of lean turkey ham, 30 gr Milner cheese, any veggies, plus a salad and a slice of bread
220 gr potato, zucchinis, cooked in tomato sauce, 1 Tsp of olive oil, 50 gr feta, 1 slice of bread.

All quantities are weighted uncooked.
2 tsp of olive oil in the salad once a day
if necessary, I can snack in cuccumber, a piece of fruit, 1 0% yogurt, a couple of crisprolls
I should cut down on the spices and salt
No soy sauce at all, no mustard, no ketchup.
Lemon, pepper, vinegar, oreganon should be consumed in moderation.
And all I can drink is water and club soda. No diet coke.

This is it. It is what I call, an antisocial diet. You cannot really go and eat out, unless you go to a grill house and have a grilled chicken breast with plain salad and secretely carry your own bread and cheese in a foil.

But I will give it these 15 first days. And I am not sure I will keep my promise of no weigh in at all at home. I told him he had to choose between which promise I was to break. Following the program precisely, or no weigh in till I see him.

He laughed.

Happy March darlings. Spring will be here in exactly 21 days. In the meantime, it is raining hard and is so damn cold!

Posted by Argy at 9:04 am
Blogger quittingsodontcallme said...

I think I can totally lose weight till prom! thank you! awesome site! (^-^)/

10:09 am

Blogger Catesa said...

i have to agree with your antisocial diet comment! did he say why you shoudl cut out all your spices? there are so many that do wonders for health and wellness, and you are such a spicey kinda woman... well like you said, 15days cant hurt right? good luck sweetie, i look forward to reading all about your 15day adventure :)

1:44 pm

Blogger Silverella said...

Not cut out, cut down on the spices. I use them practically by the handful, and he reckons that this might play with water retention. We will see :)

1:51 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

I don't feel like working either ;) How nice of your friend to work with you for free! But then again, I guess that's what friends do :) The plan sounds great, and 15 days goes by in a blink of an eye. Good luck!

3:48 pm

Blogger Denise said...

It sounds like a very workabout plan, so I'm going to be on the side lines for the next 15 days, cheering you on!

11:54 pm

Anonymous Trish said...

The food sounds great, now if someone would cook it all for me, I'd be able to follow that plan, lol - I hate cooking.

Good workout btw!

1:18 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello dear Argy.. I have been quiet for awhile.

Now about the food - be careful. If you deny yourself too much you will crave and whatever you do has to be sustainable for life. Eat the good foods, enjoy what you eat. Exercise. The weight will continue to come off, you know in your heart it will if you do the right thing, just as I know (but I can't always do the right thing... )

You have done so well to get to where you are - you are already a star. Just be realistic, because if you deny your social side too much it could be hard for you (and your husband). Good luck and I truely wish you more weight loss!!

xxxx Lynda

11:12 am


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