Tuesday, March 08, 2005
First things first...
And the scans were brilliant!!!

Also, the sun is shinning in all its glory today too! And I am not going to work out on the treadmill. I did my weights this morning, and now I am having my nice iced coffee, then I will eat my cereal, hop in the shower, wear something simple that will suit my running shoes, and I will walk half the way to work, a good six km in the sun!

How funny will I look, with grey trousers, white shirt, red coat, grey and red Nike shoes, and a black Hermes bag?

I am feeling very tired, cos I woke up a couple of times during the night cos of the cramps. And last night...oh I could have been Miss Pacman so easily! Remember the video game back in the eighties? Remember how Pacman was eating the dots? This is exactly how I wanted to eat everything last night. The food, the fruits, the plates, the tables, the chairs. EVERYTHING! Bloody hormones!!!

But I restrained. I was ravenous when I returned home at 9 pm after hell at work, and I immediately ate my slice of bread and cheese which I was supposed to eat with dinner, while dinner was actually cooking. I thought I'd better have part of what I should have for dinner instead of "stealing" food from here and there. Then I ate my grilled chicken breast and portobella mushrooms, and then I had 2 oranges, 2 kiwis, 2 apples and 1 pear. I know it is too much fruit, but it would have been either this or the entire fridge (with the shelves and the door, and the cute Amsterdam houses magnets too!!!)

Today is going to be another long day. I will be at work till 7.30, then it is therapy at 8, which means I won't be home till 10. But I grilled more chicken yesterday, and cooked veal in tomato sauce with curry and cumin and sun dried tomatoes for Angelos, so all I have to do for dinner is cook some basmati for him and we will be eating in front of yet another "24" dvd. This series drive us crazy, we cannot stop watching them. We have only 5 more episodes to go and both of us are trying to keep each other awake to watch yet another episode. But it really relaxes me. Which sounds weird, because it is actually a very stressy kind of tv program with all the things that happen in just 24 hours. But it totally takes my mind of my own madness at work, so :)

Right, I am off to have my breakie and shower now. Then walk in the sunshine!

"I'm walking in sunshine...lala...walking in sunshine...la la"


The walk was brilliant. I did the 6 km in 55 mins. However, I need to give you some advice.
Good running shoes is not the only necessity for a brisk 6 km walk in the nice sunny 16 C weather. Lack of make up is another serious necessity. Unless you want to enter your office and hear your assistant say "God what happened to you??!!!" when she sees you with sweaty red face with blush running cute pinkish rivers in your cheecks!!! Or unless you don't mind watching the same pinkish rivers of sweat making silly pink spots on your shirt's once white collar!!!

The question of the day is how do I clean blush from my shirt's collar?!

And...happy woman's day ladies! Let's all do something extremelly nice to ourselves!!!

Now I got to work...god I am hyper!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:16 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yay for clear scans.. I am so happy for you and your Mum and your family!!! Brilliant news Argy. What a difference a day can make huh?

11:01 am

Blogger Catesa said...

see you're all hyper from the 6km walk reayd to get on with the day :) so when you get all sweaty to work do you take another shower? or just wash your face and reapply makeup? i always wondered about that, people who walk to work ... doesnt anyone sweat? lol
anyway you have a good day, again good news on your mums scans!


3:47 pm

Anonymous marta said...

Wow, I'm so glad about the scans! I'm delurking again just to say that I'm so happy you are in better spirits! Your last post was so troubling to read, so I'm happy things are looking up!

4:41 pm


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