Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Day Three (and some detox info)
I was good yesterday too. I ate my rice and apples and yogurt. Drunk my green tea. Drunk some water too. And what do you think happened 5 minutes ago? Right, you know me too well by now huh? I got on the scales. And what did it read?


I am sooooo pleased :)

I got some questions about this detox. And because I believe in it so much and being an Aquarius I am a strong advocate of what I believe in, I will try to explain it as good as I can, because when it comes to med stuff, I seriously lack the vocabulary.

So, to begin with, since 12 years ago I waved goodbye to western medicine, pills, antibiotics, and the likes. I was being tortured by skin allergies for eons, had too many cortizone based drugs that worked nothing, and then I discovered homeopathy. It cured my problem in 6 months and it has never come back. Then, during a period of extreme financial stress, in the first year of our marriage, I lost a piece of hair. Now that was traumatic for a vein woman like My homeopath told me that it would take a bit of time to fix, but if I wanted to have faster results, I should try accupuncture. In a month my hair was growing back :)

About 4 years ago, i was not feeling very well. I was tired all the time, had no energy, and felt heavy inside. A friend suggested this holistic med. I went to him, did the liver cleansing, the blood cleansing, and in three months I had energy, glowing skin, and felt like 16 years old. I have since then been in love with

So I see him regularly. See, with the stress level of my work, the long hours, the smoking, etx, I need to do things towards for my health.

Eastern medicine adores specific organs. She loves them all, but liver and kidneys are her favourite.

This detox has a suppressive nature (I am not sure suppressive is correct. Take it in the meaning of reducing the intensity).
This way the body takes its time to do all the jobs that are designed to be done slowly. Digestions for instance.
Easterns also believe that too much water make the kidneys work overtime, resulting in a shorter life span. Which is true. Why are we being told to drink a lot of water? First, because most of our food is processed, so we need water to get rid of toxins. And secondly, because the more the kidneys work, the faster the metabolism gets.

I am amazed this time, although it does not compare with the amazement I felt the first time I ever did it.

I drink about 6 glasses of water and pee triple the times of when I was drinking 3 1.5 lt bottles a day. I eat so little and yet I go to the toilette at least 3 times a day.

Last year I followed this detox for 9 weeks. It changed every three weeks. The last three I lost a kilo or something. But then, after I resumed my normal eating, I did not gain a grammar! And It boosted my metabolism too.

It is no fad. I have felt its merrits in my body. Last time I did it, but these last days too, the following things happened:

I slept better. Got sleepy relatively early for me (10.30 - 11.00) and woke up by myself at 7am
My skin got so much better, glowing indeed!
My hair got shinny.
My cramps during my period minimised substantially
Lost 8 kilos in 3 weeks
Had amazing energy during the day, which gradualy calmed down by late afternoon
Angelos said that I was calmer in general

Now you will say that in actually 2 complete days loosing 1.4 kg is not healthy. I tell you it is. First, it is only natural to loose these 4.8 kgs fast, since I gained them in the course of two weeks. Then, what I am gettting rid of is all the crap I fed my body and are still there. Did you know that our bowels keep stuff we ate 3 weeks ago?

I am saying this because I do not want you to think I am mad looking for the quick fix. After all it has taken me three years to loose these 35 kilos. I just felt my body so overloaded by junk after the holidays binges, that I simply need to do my body a favour. After all it has been my one and most precious supporter for 35.9 years! (oh boy...I turn 36 in less than 3 weeks!!!!)

Which is also the reason for this detox.

I have my birthday on January 31. And all my adult life, since my birthday is so close to the New Year, I consider my new year starting on my bday.

I want to complete 36 with a healthier body. In case this soul out there decides to become our child this year and do us the honours of visiting my woomb :)

oh...btw...I smoked 13 cigarettes yesterday too :)

Posted by Argy at 9:10 am
Blogger Kimba said...

Darling your detox may be extreme but if it was recommended by a qualified practitioner, and you get nothing but good results, then why not :) You know your own body and you know what works best for you. And if you didn't feel well or if you didn't feel it was healthy, I know you wouldn't do it. Personally I know I don't have the courage or the strength to try something so drastic for such a long time - but I admire you for giving this a go and I hope you get the results you want!

I love the idea of detoxing and clearing out the junk from our system - the thought of what's clogging up my bowels makes me shudder sometimes. I'm even thinking of trying colonic irrigation! (seriously)

And congratulations on cutting down the cigarettes, I'm so pleased you're trying to give them up! your baby will appreciate it too, when he/she comes along ;)

1:32 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a quick question - is this detox designed specifically for you, or can anyone do it?

Thanks :)

2:47 pm

Blogger Silverella said...

To Anonymous:

It is designed for me, in the sense that I need to "calm" down my digestive system and rest my kidneys. However, I took many friends to him last spring, and he gave most of them the same program with some alterations in the veggies. To most of them allowed fish in one meal every other day too.

However, I wouldn't suggest going for something drastic without checking it with a med first. He knows me and my body well enough to give me something like this.

(btw...who are thy Aonymous?)

3:20 pm

Blogger Emma said...

:D Sorry, didn't intentionally post anon. Just incase I cock it up twice in the same day, I'm Emma ;) Making my way round all these weight loss blogs - sheesh, who knew there were so many??!

Your detox does sound quite extreme, but I'm rather hooked on the whole detox thing and love reading about other poeple who have a shred of willpower and who it works for. (I don't think I've managed a week properly yet!)

Anyway, looking forward to hearing about any further developments (especially of the weight loss variety :))

6:30 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Wow all that holistic healing sounds really intresting! I have a friend who swears by homeopathy, she says it can cure anything from depression to psoriasis and asthma. I believe in eating walnuts and salmon and giving my body the exercise it needs - but if that ever fails I'll be asking for more directions :) Good job on sticking to detox, congrats!

6:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy just reading that entry has got me thinking. As I told you before I have done the liver cleansing diet but I am now thinking that I too would like to feel better and perhaps I should go and see somebody to do some sort of detox - my god I most definitely need a detox!!

thanks - I will let you know how I go.


3:03 am

Blogger Denise said...

If it works for you, your practitioner recommends it, and you feel good while on it...GOOD FOR YOU!


3:18 am


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