Friday, January 07, 2005
We have dates!!!!!
Finally my husband cleared out the vagueness about "When can I take a few days off work" and we have dates for Amsterdam!!!!

February 3 we leave at 5.45 a.m. (cruel innit) and we return on the 8th, early in the afternoon :)))))

I am thrilled! I spend all my time thinking about the shops I know too well from last year, the museums I will again visit, the tulips I will be buying every day for our hotel room, the coffee shops, falafel, chocolate with red pepper from Australian Home Chocolates, and boots. Mostly, I think about boots!!!!

See, last year when we were there, I saw so many pairs of boots I could kill for and none of them would fit. Boots costing 300 euros and being on 70% or even 80% sale! And I could not buy them :(

So last night, while we were at our friends' house, discussing Amsterdam and all about our shopping, I took a decision. I need to loose as much weight as I can before going to Amsterdam. So with our friends, who want to loose weight too, we made an eating plan for the next 3 weeks and this weekend too:

Salads and fruits
Tonight it will be a mixed grill
Tomorrow will be roasted duck
Sunday will be grilled fish and other sea food

Then on Monday we are starting the evil 3 week detox. It's rough and it needs lotsa discipline the first few days, then it takes its toll and is ok.

boiled apple with half a yogurt
Boiled basmati rice with boiled carrots, brocolli, onions and zucchinis
Baked veggies with the remaining half of the yogurt
Boiled apple with 3 prunes.

This will result in loosing at least 4 kilos (at least this is what happened last year) and this will take me to Amsterdam in 88 kilos, which will be 21 kilos less than I was last year, almost the same period (we went there at february 26).

Gimme good comments of support please! I am determined...but as I said before, I need a little help from my firends :)

(cos last night, while making these plans, the 4 of us managed to eat a bowl full of brazil nuts!)

Posted by Argy at 9:07 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - 21 kilos less than the same time last year? That is amazing - good luck with your challenge, as you might have seen I have a challenge of my own! I'm so jealous of you going to Amsterdam. We will get over your way one day though...


10:37 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I can only imagine how much fun it is to be able to travel to such places. It's my hope that one day I'll get to travel extensively. But that day will have to wait until both the kids are grown ... at least much older.

You can meet any goal you set for yourself if it's something you really want. You've got it written down. Now, just do it. You are in control.


2:11 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Silverella! I love your journal so much. Greece has been very romanticized in America, I love hearing about your life. I live in a small town in east Texas. I am 32yr. old and have 4 kids. I am trying to lose 25lbs. to reach the weight of 165 lbs. So everyday at nap time I check on you to see how it is going! Shopping is my utmost pleasure and addiction! When I was 50lbs. heavier cute clothes were only for other people. My only concern was does it fit. I know you will go to Amsterdam, looking wonderfully slim! Nothing is as motivating as Fabulous clothes at even more fabulous prices. Well thank you for writing. It is a window to life's other side for one stay at home mom. Your mother remains in my prayers for Health and good comfort in this new year. So hold on tight and let the horse win the race. It will make the trip a HELLa lot more fun! God bless you and Happy New Year's Y'all!

6:05 pm

Blogger LibrarianOnTheLoose said...

You go, girl! Wishing you all the best and i know you can do it!

4:03 am


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