Monday, January 10, 2005
Day One
So this is it. I start today with my 21 day detox. The toughie one. The one I hope will help my body get rid of all the toxins and extra kilos I gained during the holidays. So I woke up, boiled my apple, had it, and now in 10 minutes the 2 hours will have passed and I will be able to have my one allowed coffee for the day.

The tough thing about this detox, besides that you get to eat the very same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 21 days, is water. You are not allowed to drink water (or tea or any liquid) for 2 hours before and after a meal.

See, this detox program, given to me by my holistic med, is customised to my body's needs, and one of these needs is to digest better. Because I am a fast eater, and I drink a lot of water or tea or diet coke or club soda with my meals, my digestion process is somehow ruined. Drinking with meals results with the weakening the stomach liquids which results in not digesting too well.

Another thing about this detox is that the only allowed exercise is 40 to 60 minutes of walking in a medium pace. The body needs to have a rest of all vivid action, in order to use all its strength to get rid of toxins and other poisons.

Psychologically, this detox is a tricky thing. From what I remember from last year, the few first days are very tough. Mainly because you have no chance to satisfy any emotional need one usually satisfies by eating a tasty meal.

I called my med yesterday afternoon, to ask him about the herbs I should take while doing this, and he did some corrections to my eating plan. He said that I should eat the following:

Breakfast: a boiled apple with a teaspoonful of yogurt
Lunch: Boiled basmati rice with a dash of olive oil, and any of the following boiled veggies: carrots, brocolli, onions, zucchinis. An apple should be split in 2 halves and eat half before the rice, and half after the meal.
Dinner: Boiled apples, a couple of boiled prunes, half a yogurt, OR, half an apple, baked zucchinis, peppers, and mushrooms, anf half a yogurt.

I can have my coffee in the morning, and green tea and water during the day. No soda at all!

I am going to stick to it. I am going to be very strict with myself. I need to clean my system and I need to get rid of the kilos I packed during the holidays. I detest this feeling of fullness I am having lately. I will weigh in every morning, because this is something that helps me sustain this difficult eating program. You see something less every day, even if it is .1 kilo. And I need this incentive right now.

So I start today in 94.8 (yep...this is how much weight I put on during the holidays)

And I am going to go to work now, by walking half the distance.

Have a great Monday :)

Posted by Argy at 9:11 am
Blogger Kimba said...

Well my darling Argyro, all I can say is you're one strong and determined woman. I know I couldn't stick to a detox as strict as that one - I'm still too scared to try it - I think I'd go mad eating the same thing for 21 days! I suppose it takes your mind off the emotional enjoyment of food though and you start thinking about food as just 'fuel'? which is good I guess. Especially if we want to break any unhealthy eating habits we have developed.

0.1kg a day is good to aim for - that's 0.7kg in a week, I'd be happy with that.

Good luck, I'll be cheering you on from here! *mwah*

12:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Argy!!! I'm with you 100%. I don't think I could stick to this but what I am doing at the moment is not too bad. It feels so good to cut out the rubbish! I will you well and will follow your progress.

Thanks for all the lovely comments too by the way.


10:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From taylore @ It's very heavy in the apples huh? Wonder why.

3:21 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy, you are so determined and strong I am sure you will achieve your aims!

3:43 am


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