Sunday, January 09, 2005
A recipe, things I wish I knew how to do, and a case of a really bad cold!
Yesterday I had a new experience. I worked from 7 am till 3 pm with my dad! This will be filed under the special experiences in my life's archives!

I have told you that my dad owns a fish shop. My mom worked with him, she was sitting at the casshier's. Npow she is not still totally recovered for work, on sundays, the bussiest day, someone else gets to go. All this time it was Angelos (I am married to a saint, I tell you) but this saturday Angelos had to give more driving lessons, so I had to go.

I will not tell you now about it. This deserves a whole entry by itself. Or a whole new blog! But I will tell you that his shop is in the north suburbs, where it is colder. The shop is open in the front, there is ice everywhere for the fish, no heating, and it was COLD!

So when I finished work, I went grocerry shopping for my detox starting on Monday, and for the weekend too, and went home feeling cold, hungry, and craving something really nutritious and filling, since I had no breakfast or anything else to eat all day!

I cooked the yummiest bulgur ever!Totally into the core plan too! will need:

4 teaspoonfulls of olive oil
2 big garlic cloves
6 sun dried tomatoes, not the ones in the jar with the olive oil, the dry ones
a bowl of your favourite kinf of mushrooms cut in small pieces (I used porchini)
2 1/2 cups of chicken broth
a cup of bulgur
sweet paprika
salt and pepper

You will heat the olive oil, add the garlic cut in big chunks, the sundried tomatoes, the mushrooms, the sweet paprika. When they are all softer, then you add the bulgur, stir it to mix with everything, and then add the chicken broth. Let it boil till it absorbs all liquids (minimize the heat at that point), and eat it with a scoop of FF yogurt and some more sweet paprika.

I ate that, and then took a nap. I woke up with a bit of fever, lots of headache, stuffed nose and with my bones hurting a lot. I'm the same today, actually right now I was thinking that perhaps I need a nap again.

I think I should probably go. I started this post when I woke up this morning, did half of it, just added the recipe now at noon, and I wanted to also write how I wish I knew how to do a proper site with pictures and sections and colours and stuff, but I honestly am too dizzy to type.

And Angelos left to go visit his granny and I feel I should take advantage of his absence and go sleeeeeeepppp.....

Posted by Argy at 10:24 am
Blogger Kimba said...

YUM thanks for another great recipe idea - your cooking is so different to mine, I love it, you always give me great ways to totally vary my own boring recipe ideas :) You should write a cookbook!

Sorry you aren't feeling well, here's a *Hug* - I hope you feel better soon. Regards to your mum too! Hope she's doing much better now.

And can I just say, you are one brave woman working in a fish shop for a day! OMG the smell of fish...that's why I can't eat it...that fishy smell/ taste. There's no way I could work in a fish shop. Well I guess I could if it was to help my dear Dad, heh.

12:32 pm

Blogger Denise said...

I hope you feel better soon. You have to be in tip top shape for the Shopping Extravaganza! :)

7:27 am


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