Thursday, December 30, 2004
I dare and make New Year's Resolutions this year, will you hold me accountable to them but in a nice way, without really making me feel guilty for trying but not achieving all or some of them? Because this is the only way I am making them!

P.S. Husband has agreed to it already, so if you do too, nothing stops me...hehe

Posted by Argy at 10:01 am
Blogger Kimba said...

Hello my gorgeous friend. Sorry I've missed a week's worth of your posts, what with going away and then the events of this week I'm just catching up on everyone's journals.

Your Christmas sounded just WONDERFUL, makes me want to invite myself along next year, hehehe. Did you bake cookies with Kiki?

And I'm so sorry to hear that you're depressed, but honey, with everything that's been happening in your life recently it's not a surprise - you've been trying to be so strong for everyone else, which will inevitable take it's toll on you after a while. So please - spend some time taking care of yourself! *BIG HUGS AND KISSES FOR YOU*

And yes, I will hold you accountable to your resolutions (in the nicest possible way), as long as you hold me accountable to mine, which I'll be posting in the next day or two!

love and light, Kimba XOX

10:53 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Count me in Sweetheart! So, what is the plan :)

3:53 pm

Blogger Denise said...

Of course I'll help you with your resolutions (in a very gentle, supportive sort of way)!

5:23 pm

Blogger pjmarty said...

LOL Argy - this could be dangerous - asking all your online journallers to hold you accountable?!? Count me in, as long as you do me too :-)

9:59 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - for sure! (in a very gentle, yet encouraging way). Here goes, mine are (in no particular order)
-Run the city 2 surf
-Finish my postgrad study
-Get FIT!!


4:57 am


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