Thursday, January 13, 2005
Day four
I slept so much yesterday, that I cannot wake up still! I was asleep by 10 p.m. and I woke up at 7 am, and I am still in that sleepy mood!

I ate well yesterday, according to the plan, only I forgot to take apples to work, so I did not have my apple with lunch. Also walked 2 km to an appointment and back, and smoked 4 cigarettes and 5 small cigars. A friend suggested them, and they are wonderful! They are the size of a normal cigarette. But the good thing is that, like normal cigars, if you leave it in the ashtray, it goes out, you forget about it, then after some time you feel like a smoke, you light it on again. So with one, you feel like having three! Plus it saves me all the poisons of the paper! Just it costs double from the But I am willing to spend more for this cause.

Lately I have been surfing a lot about exercise. Inspired by the mighties DG and Kimba, my exercise queens, I have been considering stuff.

So last night, I had a long talk with hubby, and I told him all my considerations. Surely I have the treadmill at home. But I am not in a good shape. I mean, cardio won't just do it for me. I need weights. I need the strength and the shrinkage weights bring. So I am considering the gym.

omg! It is 9.20!!! I got to go to work!!! I will post the rest from there, because I would seriously need your opinion on this!

**************** my office now :)

So I was reading all this information about weight training vs cardio, and how weight training should be done first, how muscles eat fat for breakie, lunch and dinner, especially how they snack on fat after the work out, etc.

I will not do a proper weight training at home. I know myself. I will never put on a work out dvd and do it.

A new gym opened, right in the middle between home and work. It has everything. Body Pump classes, spinning classes, Body Combat, Pilates, swiss ball classes, a pool for aquaerobics, everything! And it is HUGE! But it is mighty expensive too. 600 euros for a year! Or, 85 euros monthly!

I cannot afford the 600 right now. Plastic is out of the question, since we are paying our last credit card off, and I still have the last payment of 400 to do for the treadmill.

So I was thinking, after the talk with Angelos last night, that perhaps I should sell the treadmill. I bought it for 1500 euros in May, I guess the less I can sell it for is 1000. Just enough to pay it off and buy me the yearly subscription to the gym.

I am serious.

I have about 20 kilos to loose. I put myself a date. June. Beginning, middle or end doesn't matter. But June it is! I reckon that in 25 weeks I can do it. It is an average of 0.8 a week. I find this doable.

Then, I find it hard to let my treadmill go. Him and I had some great time together. But also, my freind Sofia wants to loose 12 kilos too. And this gym is 5 minutes from her shop. If I persuade her to go together every morning, then we could push each other. Plus she will be driving me there too. And the metro station is right in the front door of the gym, which is ideal for me to get to work.

Gimme your opinion?

Posted by Argy at 9:04 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly - I would love to see a photo of you.. I have all sorts of pictures in my mind but then are you dark haired or blonder?? I just don't know. Time to let us see my darling.

Now to your treadmill. I would kill for one. Sure the gym would build weights but so would doing some dumb bells. Surely cardio is still terrific?? but if you must then sell it. I suppose I'm just not the gym sort. I did go years ago for 6 days every week and instead of losing any weight I gained. The trouble is it made me so hungry!

You must do what feels right for you.


12:14 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the gym can be a worthwhile investment, but make sure you choose one that is easy to get to so it's hard to make excuses not to go!

classes are great coz you can hide up the back and they tell you exactly what to do. Body Pump is a great way of getting into weights, as you cover all parts of your body in an hour and the moves as soooo simple!

obviously you'd have to wait til after your detox as you'd faint in a puddle right there in a gym :)

good luck lovely girl!


12:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you get a week's trial at the gym before you make your mind up? They usually offer a one day trial, but that's not usually enough to REALLY know. If you can go for 3 days or a week, then you will know if it is for you. Then you can sell the treadmill and be happy. If the trial doesn't work out, you will still have your treadmill and you can buy some dumbbells. It is hard working out at home (I do at the minute as I have no time) but it is possible...

Good Luck


3:06 pm

Blogger LibrarianOnTheLoose said...

For me, regular workouts did not begin until I made that painful cash investment of paying for the gym. Furthermore, I made the even more painful cash investment of paying for a trainer. Plus the gym is very close to my house, and my husband wakes up at 5:30am without an alarm. So he wakes me up at 6 and we go to the gym at 6:30. Doing it in the morning means we get it out of the way. I don't know if spending all that money is a motivator for you but it sure is for me!

7:49 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

I didn't get stuck into exercise until I joined a gym. Because I needed to make sure I got my money's worth! I would say, if you want the variety and options of all the different things you can do at the gym, and if you will use it regularly, then a gym membership is worth the money.

Not sure about selling your treadmill. I mean, you can always use the treadmills at the gym. Personally I would probably sell the treadmill, and use it for a gym membership but that's just me! Then again it sure is convenient to have equipment at home to use. As long as you ARE using it. If you aren't using it regularly enough to make it worthwhile, maybe it's better to sell it and get the gym membership.

But I do agree with everyone else, try the gym first to see if you like it. Go for a month before you commit yourself.

2:34 am


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