Thursday, August 05, 2004
Thankful Vol. II
Ladies, you are amazing!

Thank you all for your keeping me more thankful today too! Your suggestions were wonderful and ....oops...I got lots to say so I better start now huh? (beware of yet another long post)

So, with your valuable contribution, I have come up with a flexible plan. Also, last night, after Tania's valuable advice, and since I am sort of the all-or-nothing type, we sat down with my husband and we went through all the things we like to have while on holidays, and I have a list of naughty delights, which I am going to eat with a pattern. But better go ahead and list 'em all.


  • Dinner will be our fancy meal (thank you DG :)
  • I will have twice spaghetti with lobster (this is typical greek island food, and I am usually having it every other so once a week will keep me satisfied I hope
  • I will have ice cream once a week too, and when I have it, dinner will not contain alcohol
  • Breakfast will be yogurt with fruits and a tsp of honey...this is what I always have during holidays, and the little bit of honey Im putting is not too much. After all I'm Greek and have been raised to beleive that a tbs of honey a day keeps the doctor away ;o)
  • For lunch, since we go to the beach around noon and stay till 7-8 in the evening, will be fruits, coffees, water, and raw vegetables like cherry toms, and cucumbers. After all I can't eat much when I'm boiling in the sun ;o)
  • For every glass of alcohol I am going to do 100 snips in the water. (Now I dunno if snips is the right word. What I mean is when you are in the deep water and your feet have at least a couple of meters distance from the bottom, and you sort of put one foot in front of the other, like walking? Same kind of exercise when you lie down and you lift one foot after the other? Urrrghh this is frustrating!!! I hope you understand!)
  • On our way back to our cottage A. will leave me 4 km before there and I will walk the remaining distance
  • Lotsa sex will be involved, I promise you
  • I also put my jeans in the washer today, in hot water too, so they shrink and I will try them on every 4 days, and see if there is change. I never wear jeans during holidays, I am more on thinner and softer fabrics in the isalnds, so they will maintain their freshly washed snuginess. (I came up with this after Linda's advice :)
  • And I will not stress too much! Thanks Lee :0)
And I promise...after holidays I will look for a Body Pump class. I have JUST been thoroughly persuaded ;o)

This is all for now. Not too long after all! But I have tons of work to do before I leave and I only have today and tomorrow!!!

Cheers for now, tomorrow will be the last post before holidays!!!! Oh...and!!! I am crazy about sending post cards from the islands. So if you want one, leave me a comment and I'll make sure to get your addy!

Posted by Argy at 11:04 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh.. I would love a postcard!!! I can't tell you how wonderful your holiday sounds and your attitude is infectious. You sound like the most wonderful person - I think we will have to meet one day! Have a great time!
Lynda (email to

1:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great plan! You've got it all figured out and that's what counts. And no stress. :)

I'd love a postcard, as well. I'll email you my address right now.

1:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! It's me, rdhdprincess, can you send a postcard to the US? Because I would adore one! I loved the previous entry! I'm glad you wrote it all down because as good as it must have made you feel to read and remember, it made me feel motivated! Thank you. I want all those changes as well, and need to get on the ball! I think I had forgotten how good it felt to be thinner and how much fun it was! Thanks for all the inspiration. Your holiday plan sounds good. Not all binging but being able to enjoy special stuff, too! Good for you. I hope you have a great time, and enjoy all that sex! I think I missed another entry of yours so I'm going back for more! Mwah! Carrie
PS - Thanks for all the support and sweet comments!

4:42 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Dearest Silverella,

You are just so lovely. It felt amazing, you commeting on my humble advise ***blushing*** By the way, Tania is my real name under which I often post "anonymously", but my blog is under nickname Tracy. Complicated huh! In other words Tania equals Tracy - I'll try to update my blog more often so that I fell worthy of using my www-name :) Enough bubble about me - you go and have an awesome holiday!! Don't forget to talk to your beautiful bare arms in between all sex and lovely dinners :D


5:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Silverella!

I love reading your blog. I found you after you had been writing for about a month and every day when I come into work yours is one of the first I read. Not reading you for weeks will be awful!! But I know you will have a lovely time in the Islands and all of your planning is going to be very helpful.

Enjoy your holiday!


9:46 pm

Blogger Linda said...

I hope you have a fab holiday and please send me a post card, that would be fabulous!!

Oh keep trying on those jeans but I am sure you will do great and not gain weight and ENJOY YOURSELF!!! that is a MUST!!!!
Linda x

2:21 am

Blogger Linda said...

lol I gave you the wrong email add, I put that is my hubs email mine is com.

Thanks again and I look forward to that post card.

Linda xx

12:52 pm

Blogger Angel said...

Hey I would love a postcard too!!! :)

My email is

email me if you would like my postal address for the postcard.

Have a ball!!

8:13 am


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