Friday, July 23, 2004
The day before the two hard days
Yesterday I was still the good girl that has emerged from somewhere inside me. You know, the eatwellmoveasmuchasyoucanandthensomemore girl. And today I have been mighty good too. Treadmill in the morning - 60 mins, 6.5 km - melon for breakfast, grilled mushrooms and peppers with 3 tbsp of cottage (if you want to transform cottage to something more tasty, put it in the blender with your favorite herbs, pepper, a tsp of olive oil, and it becomes a decadent cream) and dinner is planned therefore safe.

But tomorrow I am going to the visit my parents in their summer house for the weekend. And I have to be strong! Cos me mom is such a typical Greek mom who will cook and cook (wonderfully if I may say so myself) and insist and insist that I at least try something.

I was thinking about it and I thought of a scheme hehehe. I am going to call her this evening and out of the blue tell her all about how A (my husband) has lately acquired a passion for grilled veggies. How he loves eating them with yogurt and spices. How happy he is when I make tons of them and have them around so he can munch on them anytime during the day. See me mom is head over heels  in love with A. and does everything to please him. I think this way I will have a huge supply of my main food around, and there is always fish in their household, so I will be safe. And so that you won't think bad of me, A does love grilled veggies too!

But what will really be a challenge is the way I feel.

I'm afraid that with all this stress lately at work and other stuff, when I arrive there and see my family in a relaxing atmosphere, and then have my mom try to pamper me with food and stuff, I am afraid I will be tempted-ier than I can sustain.

Truth is that I come every day here and report the previous good day I had. But a greater truth is that every day I think of comfort food constantly. Last night I went home late and then had to get ready to go to that club. And I was eating my food and was thinking about pitta gyros and pasta and icecream with every bite I took of my "healthy" meal.

One can say that I am strong. And driven by my strength I am resisting the temptations and staying faithful to my 21 day challenge.

But I can say something else. (And I know the truth too ;o)

It is not strength that drives me. Not even the burning desire I have so that I will put on my old jeans and a tacked in T-shirt and look great. It is my pertinaciousness that holds me so far. And I don't know if it is good or bad. I'm afraid that pertinaciousness leads to deprivation. (I'm also afraid that pertinaciousness is not spelled correct!) But I will take it for now...Otherwise, I'm afraid I will take up the ice cream offers!

Posted by Argy at 4:01 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pertinaciousness ... lol.. not sure what that is but it sure sounds good! Just one comment - we all dream of comfort food all the time and I don't think that will ever stop - its only the eating of the comfort food that causes the problem. Have a lovely time with your mum - I bet she is a great cook!

7:41 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Argy

Leigh here - what is your 21 day challenge - i have seen it mentioned here and other places? curious? sounds like you are doing it easy too :-)

10:48 am


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