Tuesday, August 03, 2004
The Olympic Bodies and the Bodies
Athens is hot! Athens is extremely hot! And I don't mean hot as in having high temperatures! I mean hot as in having too many Olympic Bodies walking down the streets, shopping, drinking something (high nutritional I assume) in the sunshine.

I have to admit that hosting the Olympics was not my dream. I was not overly excited about it. I assume I belong to this group of people that think more about what will happen next. I worry about the high maintenance costs, the possible rise in unemployment, and the likes. As a greek too, I am not too happy about the way the Olympics have deteriorated the last decades. And by that I mean that it is all about money. Sponsorships, doping, athletes poisoning their bodies with all kinds of substances that make them run faster, and jump higher and fight harder. It is not an ideal as it used to be. It is not noble anymore. It is plain competitive.

I have to admit however that the enthusiasm is contagious! And I feel it in the air. Athens is beautiful. Colourful banners are everywhere. Fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and orange banners with the Athens 2004 sign are hanging from the light pillars in all main streets. Flowers are blooming in pots and parks and street sides. The weather is gorgeous and for the first time in years it is pleasantly (around 30 C) and not boilingly (around 40 C) warm. There is a cool breeze. The brand new tram is cruising the streets. The new train is doing its rounds. More and more people wear t-shirts and caps with the Olympic colours and signs. Tourists are eveywhere. And please oh please don't forget the Olympic Bodies!!! Athletes that smile to you when they realise you been staring. And you smile back and try to restrain winking too!

But then, looking at someone because they are gorgeous, and smiling back and all, could be considered a form of flirting. You know, not flirting with a cause, but just flirting for fun. Actually, to be more precise, feeling confident to look at someone else, feeling confident at smiling back at them, feeling all feminine and that. This is what is happening to me lately. I feel feminine. I take so much time picking my undies, clothes, shoes. My husband told me yesterday that I look so good all the time that he could, if he wanted, think I have a boyfriend! He made me laugh so much when he said that! But the truth is that I have started to love my body and feel good in it. Please, do not make the mistake and think I am looking half as good as I feel. I still have the entire package: flabbiness, cellulite, fat arms, fat thighs. After all, almost 88 kilos in my 1.67 frame is a lot. But I have discovered more things too! Nice collar bones are back in town mates! Round shoulders have come back! When I look down I can now see my panties! My tummy and stomach are flattening! My waist is 91 cm. It used to be 112!

And all this is not a result of just hard work. All this is not a result of just eating right and exercising. It is also a result of beginning to love my body. Touching it. Getting in contact with it. Remember the tank top post? Daze commented I was so funny talking to my fat arms and that. It was funny. But it was fun too. My therapist challenged me to do it. He said that the parts in our bodies that we detest the most, and consequently neglect, and don't touch, and resent them, are the same parts that block the right flow of energy in our bodies. And they tend to remain miserable.

I challenge you all! Feel your worst parts. Talk to them. Caress them. Make friends with them. I promise you. All they need is some sweet talk. I promise you they will react to your paying more attention to them. And their reaction will astonish you!

Now you can all go back to your days thinking I am completely mad. Thinking that loosing weight has loosen some screws in my brain and I am totally insane. Ah come on. You might be right. But you will not find out unless you try.

Come on...talk to your bodies the way you would talk to a beloved friend. As in every course of corrective action, one cannot move forward too much unless one forgives and makes peace. Forgive your thighs for storing the chocolate. Make peace with your bellies for storing the pasta. I am trying to do this. Some times I suceed. Others I struggle. Help me do it by doing it to. And think of me of a greekmadwoman. I prolly am in a way. But I promise you. I see it working on me. It will work on you too!

Cheers from madland for now *wink*

Posted by Argy at 11:16 am
Blogger metamorpheus said...

Such a great post.

Try to enjoy the Olympics. For the ethical athletes and the fans, it is quite an experience to see what the human body is capable doing when pushed to the limit. I think it is very inspirational to watch as I participate in my own personal Olympics (exercising). Enjoy the limelight. I think Athens and Greece will benefit in the years ahead through a boost in tourism.

So you can see your panties? I know the excitement - I can finally see my belt buckles!

2:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love your postings :) I'd better start talking nicethings to my belly right now!! Maybe I should buy some nice lotion too...

Enjoy the olympic athmosphere!


3:11 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

YOU ARE MAD!!! heeheehee
I will try to make peace with my love handles and gigantic gut today. I will try to talk to them lovingly without yelling and criticising. I will try, I promise!
Thank you for the post today, its great to hear that someone out there is happy to look at their body, gives me some hope that maybe...just maybe that can happen for me soon. I needed this post especially after the crap morning Ive had. Thank you!!!

3:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Argy, you are just the tonic I need - so enthusiastic! My life is so flat lately, I wish I had some of your fire. Oh and GO ATHENS... its looking great (just saw it on TV).

Lynda www.geocities.com/scottygirl_1

11:22 pm

Blogger Silverella said...

Tania, thank you for your comments! I think I had as much as olympic atmosphere I needed! No way I am staying in Athens to watch the games!!! Islands here we come!!!!

Linda,I wish I had this fire all the time too...lol But it comes and goes, and this is why it is so enjoyed while it lasts :)

Metamorphea (this would be your nick in modern greek ;) thanks for your kind words. I went to buy a belt too yesterday, has been ages since I had one!

Dazed...lol...you are so cute in expressing how mad you think I really am!

1:44 pm


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