Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Results and others
So my thyroid is fine. And so is my prolactine. But my progesterone levels are at the lowest end of the normal range and this is not too good. My doctor said that progesterone levels change through the cycle, but yet he can't give me an explanation why my cycle has shrunk from 28 days to 23 now. He told me it can be stress, it can be weighloss, it can be me thinking about it all the time. So he suggested that what I can do is a series of ultra sounds during my next cycle to monitor the progress of my eggs. I thought about it and decided that I will do it in September after I am back from holidays. In the meantime, I am seriously thinking about quiting safe sex, though we had decided that we would start trying from October, since I have my big congress beginning of Oct. and have to work like crazy.

First things first though, and having a baby is my priority!

I ate nothing all day yesterday. Not that I intended to. But when I arrived home at 9.30 p.m. and still hadn't heard from my doctor (too many ceasarians and child births the last 24 hrs :) when I tried to eat some grilled chicken I felt I'd throw up. My stomach was so upset from stress I didn't want to disturb it further.

And I didn't have breakfast either this morning, and I am thinking about food now and it still makes me sick. Perhaps I will try something later.

And last night I got my period too, so this morning has been cramps and no treadmill. The cramps are still annoying and today will be the first day with no exercise at all for me :(

I will do my best for more time than usual in the treadmill.

Thank you all for your warm comments, they mean a lot!

This is all for now, I better get back to work cos today I haven't been able to do much at that state of mind!

Posted by Argy at 1:44 pm
Blogger Dazed said...

No more safe sex? What a blessing! =) I bet since you are focusing on having a healthier diet and excercising more, this is probably throwing your cycle out of whack a bit. I have a dumb question, but since you are in Greece and all...but how much does the Olympics affect where you live/work? Is this why you are going on vacation during this time to avoid that whole mess? Just wondering, have a great day! Sorry about the cramps!!!

8:52 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for babymaking!! Glad to hear the other stuff checked out ok. Doncha just love doctors, though? 2004 and when it comes to "female" stuff they STILL do a lot of shoulder shrugging and blame it on stress.

4:16 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . . and that would be me being anonymous. :-)


4:16 am


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