Friday, July 30, 2004
Plans are made only to be broken
And it is so true. Yesterday I left work and went to a shop to buy my niece's birthday present. I walked to this shop for about 2 km, they told me the thing I wanted was out of stock there, and I should try to their other shop, which was "ten minutes walk" away in the same street. After 75 minutes of walking I decided to use the remaining 34 seconds of battery in my cell and call them and ask them where the hell the shop was. The man who answered the phone was laughing hysterically when I told him that I was told by their saleslady that it is a 10 mins walk. "I apologise ma'am, but she is new. She should have told you it is 10 km away down the same street". I was both laughing and cursing. Laughing cos it was kind of a cute mistake she did and proved a hell of a lot of exercise for me, since I was walking like mad because closing time was approaching, and cursing because I had to be in the dressmaker's to pick up a dress she is making for me. So I was there late, and had to spend 30 mins waiting for her to do some changes in the dress because ... roll of drums... it was big!!!! Our last fitting was about 10 - 12 days ago, and the dress was bigger! :)

So I was home really late, around 10.45, totally tired by all this walking, and without Marie Claires and Elles and Vogues because I forgot them all in a plastic bag somewhere...the taxi?...the dressmaker's?...outer space?...I have no recollection at all!

I went to the kitchen and made a huge salad with tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and onions and olives and feta, got undressed, put on my nightie and went to eat my dinner while watching some telly. I had about 4 pieces of my salad and I didn't want to eat anymore! I cut some watermelon, had again 3 pieces and wasn't hungry anymore! So what happened? I was puzzled. Cos I had a very small lunch too. And must have had 10 black coffees all day round. So either coffees and stress did it to me, or was too tired, or was having a normal person's appetite. We'll see ...

I went to bed a bit later than midnight, and woke up at 9 am with a kiss  without having any memory of the alarm. A. was still home (last working day for lucky him) and he said "Wake up honey, its 9 am, you told me you have an appointment at 10!" Apparently, my alarm went on at 730, he woke up, I told him to let me sleep some more and make sure I am up at 830 cos I had an appointment at 10, he was trying to wake me up for 30 mins, and I was not even moving! And I do not remember a single word. I must be more tired than I think I am!

In the back of my mind there are food thoughts. Weird, unknown food thoughts. Thoughts about not having food. And it is strange and weird and unfamiliar. Does it happen to you too? From one period of having icecream and chocolate and pitta gyros constantly in your head to go to periods where food is just necessary fuel? The quantities I am consuming lately are smaller than usual. It makes me nervous cos I think that perhaps - since this is the first period I am alone at work without my partner and have this super extra sized work load - due to stress at work and all the increased quantities in smokes and caffeine I have lost some appetite. But it also makes me nervous cos I am afraid that if I go back to the quantities I used to eat while dieting, I will not be loosing but gaining!

Ah golden balance...who have lost you for me to find you...sigh....

Posted by Argy at 1:19 pm
Blogger Kimba said...

Food thoughts - yes, I have them too. Lately I can't stop thinking about all the things I shouldn't be eating. And yes I get those feelings of nervousness too, about not eating 'enough' and sometimes of 'missing out'. And then at other times I don't think about food at all!!! It's strange isn't it?

3:58 am


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