Monday, July 26, 2004
One Thousand Three Hundrend Grammars
This is my reward for completing my first seven days of my 21 days challenge!

As of this morning I am 89.3 and that means I have lost 1.3 kilos since last Monday. Not bad huh? ;)

I feel good. I feel good because during the weekend I ate a little more than I should, but that was only bigger quantities of the foods I was allowed to eat. I had more grilled chicken, and more grilled fish, and more water melon than I should, but check the list of the things I could have had and didn't:

1. Home made french fries
2. Ice cream
3. Pizza
4. Pitta bread
5. Burgers, sausages, lamp chops, pork chops (all those were sitting right next to my poor chicken breasts in my dad's grill!!!)
6. Beef with mushrooms and caramelised onions in a hot, thick mustard sauce
7. Rice with butter and pine nuts
8. Various sweets, such as creme brulle, panacota, and you don't want to know what else basically cos I don't want to remember them!!!

I must have eaten kilos of grilled zucchinis and peppers and onion and mushrooms to resist those temptation. Along with my yogurt thingy. And lotsa water melon too to resist the sweets. But I did it and I am feeling good and proud of myself.

I walked a little, swam some, but didn't do much exercise. I think all my efforts were to resist the abundance of food in my parents' house. People would be over all day long. Others for breakfast, others for lunch, others for dinner. See my dad stopped working for the summer and has his 5 weeks off, so he was sort of celebrating the start of his summer :)

And I have also to tell you that my mom was a star. And I also have to tell you how she became one..hehehe

See, my mom, like all Greek moms, will make you eat what she has cooked. Cos she puts all her love and affection into cooking just the right thing for you. And she always magically knows what your crave at the time will be. And she always cooks it perfectly.

I had the grilled vegies scheme so I knew she would have made tons from that to please my husband - and she did indeed!- and I was thinking how I was going to resist everything without hurting her feelings.

But when we arrived Saturday afternoon, me on my new jeans and my white tank top, my mom was in the kitchen cooking. So we went inside the house to say hello, and I was calling her "Moooom we're here" when I saw her. She had such a funny face and then she laughed and hugged me and said "Oh you gorgeous carrot look at you in jeans and a tank top again!!!"
( mom and I call each other veggie names and it is sweet and cute and you are not allowed to laugh at us!!!!)

And for the first time in history, I asked my mom what goodies she was cooking, and she said "none of your concern. I have chicken breasts in the freezer. Go get them, I'll make some for you"!!!!!!!

I laughed so hard and so did she. But she never insisted nor made comments in the table during meals. She never said...oh come on eat this, once won't hurt you, nor she tried to justify my not eating by informing everyone else I am on diet.

It is so great to have my mom as an ally you know. Cos when we were leaving she asked me what are the things I am allowed to eat, and she meant the complete list (herbs too? what kind of herbs huh? oh and olive oil. What is your allowed daily quantity?Are you allowed all kinds of fruit? Milk? Sweeteners? Not even a tsp of honey?). Next Saturday there will be a BIG party in their house for my niece's 4th birthday. My brother and his family moved there for the summer too, and the party will be a big event. And I am sure that my mom won't make me eat stuff next weekend either. And I also know that great cook as she is, she will come up with things for me to eat totally on plan and decadently delicious too!

To end this long post I will have to say that this morning I didn't exercise nor had breakfast cos I had to go and do some blood tests. I have to have my thyroid checked and a couple of fertility hormones too, to see why my cycle has become smaller. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping all is fine and that my gyno is right and it is just tons of stress and weighloss causing it.


Posted by Argy at 11:32 am
Blogger Shauny said...

wow! well done on the loss! go you good thing!
your mum sounds like a total sweetie. so nice to have support. particularly support that can cook!

1:40 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

Good work this weekend carrot! =) It is always alot easier if we dont have people we love trying to shove goodies down our throats! (but I have to say, the rice w/butter and nuts sounds awesome!).

6:58 pm


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