Monday, August 02, 2004
Happy August, the great holiday month!
August is finally here! The long expected holiday month arrived with a nice cool breeze and the anticipation of holidays in its highest ever! I literally cannot wait for this week to pass and Saturday to arrive. And then I will be gone from August 7 to August 29... BLISS!!!!

August found me 1.5 kilos lighter. Isn't it nice? I now weigh 87.8 which is almost 11kilos less than last August, and this is good!

The weekend was challenging and I escaped again with the same weekend trick. Just eat a little more of the allowed stuff. And way too much water melon!

Saturday, on my niece's birthday party, my mom made me some kind of dessert. It was nice if you like jello - type of thingies. She mixed fruit juices from very ripe fresh peaches with zelatin and mixed all this with yogurt and vanilla essence and had it frozen. Nice, but I am on for more chocolaty than fruity things. But it kept me satisfied while everyone else was eating cake and icecream.

I was tempted more than once yesteday. My mom gave me tons of leftovers for my husband. Meat pie, cheese pie, a gorgeous pie she makes with peices of meat, tomatoes, feta and pees, home made pizza, sausage rolls, you name it, it was in the container!

Yesterday, early afternoon, we were watching a DVD with my husband after the beach, and I told him that I could hear all these things calling my name from the refrigerator. He laughed and said that I have been extremely good for 14 days and that perhaps I could have a little piece of something. So I went to the fridge, opened it, took a piece of meat pie, had a bite, then spit it out and then threw away the remaining piece. What went to my mind at that time was this blog, and the challenge. I felt I would feel so bad reporting that I broke my good program that I actually spitted the piece out! (sorry for being so gross with the description!)

This made me realise something. All my life, in all the several dietings I went through, I had my weekly weigh in somewhere. This was WW, or a nutritionist - dietologist. My holistic med doesnt have a scale. He let's me do the work and weigh in and he never mentions weight since for him other things are way more important. And when I am dieting all by myself, I can cheat a little, or change weigh in days, etc. But ever since I started this blog, I feel accountable to you all and that keeps me in track.

So thank you all for making me feel this way and for being so very helpful to me through this quest.

Also, I figured out a way to reply to comments! I will leave a comment to your comment on my comments...simple huh?

That's all for today. Have a great August!

Posted by Argy at 10:36 am
Blogger Shauny said...

you are doing great! that is a good loss for the year, too :) well done you!

12:58 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

Only 5 more days, how exciting! I feel accountable on the blog too, as long as I keep telling the truth... =)

3:27 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

I love the way you write! Your positivity and joy for life are so refreshing and uplifting.

Also, I love your blog because sometimes it's like I'm reading my own thoughts on the page.

Anyway you are doing so much better than me on our challenge. Have you noticed how quiet I've been on ny blog this week, it's because I DIDN'T spit out the meat pie, or the chocolate, or the my challenge isn't going so well so far. I blame it on my birthday of course hahaha.

But after reading about your success I'm now even more inspired to achieve my goals. Thank you, and congratulations on your achivements!

4:04 am


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