Tuesday, July 27, 2004
On the edge
I haven't slept well at all. I was stressing out all night about the test results I am taking this evening. It is 1.40 pm now and I want to call and ask in case the results turned in earlier than expected. I have thought of every possible horror story concerning my thyroid and fertility hormones.

I went home after work yesterday, got undressed as soon as I got in, put on my running shoes and got on the treadmill. Yeah, running shoes, and undies. And it was then I realised the exact amount of stress I have been on all day due to the bloody blood tests. Of course I was thinking about it. Of course I was wondering. Of course I thought I was stressing out 1% of what I was actually stressing out. Treadmill eased some of this tension, but not all.

Then we went to our friends' house, since my girlfriend got back from Chicago. She brought me two nice shirts size 12! I thought I'll save them for when I loose more weight. She asked me to try them on, and they both fitted perfectly! US sizes are so much roomier than UK or European sizes in general! I recently bought a shirt from Marks and Spencer and it is a size 16, which is a bit roomy, but 14 would be a bit tight. I wish there was a 15, it would be perfect for me!

I ate well yesterday. I mixed chicken mince with veggie "mince" turned out to yummy burgers. Some could say that I'm such a healthy eater. I say - and I know best - that I still like big portions for my dinner. So I grate lotsa veggies and add them to the meat mince and the quantity doubles. I also came up with a good idea for dessert last night. I had bought a couple of vanilla beans on saturday, and some really smooth tasting organic yogurt. So I took very ripe peaches, put them in the blender, scratched a big quantity of the vanilla bean in it, added the yogurt, blended all together, and put it in the freezer. I had some after we returned from our friends and it was wonderful. I had the remaining for breakfast this morning!

I need to do some grocery shopping soon. I am running out of veggies and that ain't good. Veggies are my saviour during this challenge. I grill tons of them and they are summery and fresh and yummy too!

I just realised that I could go on about tons of things. I could ramble about recipes, clothes, work stuff, the skirts I am making, my 18th birthday party, the day I met my husband, and still, my mind would be set on the blood test results. So I will spare you and go get some work done till the time comes for me to find out...


Posted by Argy at 1:38 pm
Blogger Dazed said...

Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok!

2:54 pm

Blogger Shauny said...

hope it goes well for you, will be thinking of you!
(those burgers sound delicious!)

4:17 pm

Blogger Jenniy said...

I hope everything goes well too :) My cousin likes to run in underwear, sports bra, and running shoes as well. She said she gets really hot running indoors and that's the best way to get it done!

5:39 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Everything turns out fine I'm sure - but I know how it is when you can't think of anything else while waiting for results...Good luck - and thanks for inspiring me to go grocery shopping for tons of veggies tonight :D

9:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your tests! tell me, how do you do your grilled veges? Under a grill or in a pan or what? do you use oil? they sound so good I thought I'd find out.

2:39 pm


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