Saturday, July 31, 2004
The Bank Account Concept
Lately I have been reading about so many diets. South Beach Diet and the non carbs alikes. And have been tempted a lot, because eliminating some foods but eating as much as you want from other is always sort of appealing to me. And the weigh coming in big ammounts, like in Atkins and SBD is always VERY appealing too.

It was then I remembered the Bank Account Concept Dr. M, one of the nutritionists I was seeing in the far away past, had so thoroughly explained to me once.

What is the Bank Account Concept one might ask.

I will try to explain it. (try, because I lack the bank terminology in english I'm afraid). So you all know these bank accounts that are attached to your bills. So your electricity and cell phone and rent and taxes and credit cards are all attached to your account and they get paid by themselves by deducting the correct amount of money. Now think of your account as being really low, with nothing in cos you neglected to put cash in it. And its almost the end of the month and you have bills waiting to be paid for a whole month now. What happens when you put money in your accounts is that the hungryformoney bills will absorb the money instantly and keep them in out of fear of you never giving them enough money again. (for the purposes of this you have to have some imagination, lol)

This is exactly what happens to our bodies as well. We leave them without carbs for a while, and the first bit of carb that goes in is instantly stored cos our bodies fear we will deprive them of carbs again. The tiny drop of olive oil in a body deprived of fats will be instantly stored because bodies needs fat and deprivation causes strain.

I went through this mentally for a long time last night. My husband was having sausages and I was thinking that if I was on Atkins I would be eating sausages dipped in Philly cream and I could feel my mouth water. And I was tempted to try Atkins again. I was thinking about butter and bacon and salomon and all the fatty things you are allowed in Atkins. Then I had this bad taste of ketosis in my mouth. The stiff mouth with the weird taste. I remembered one night years ago when I was trying Atkins that I woke up at 3 am, went straight to the kitchen and had 4 oranges. And I remember myself afterwards dipped fully in guilt cos I ate oranges! It was so insane! Oranges are good for me! Oranges are a gorgeous source of fibres, vitamin C and antioxidants! Butter is full of saturated fat can't possibly be better than orange!!!

Once again I asked myself again last night...oh golden balance, where are thy?

Tonight we will go to my niece's birthday party in my parents summer house. I'm curious what mom will come up with for me! And we are going to leave soon now and go shopping for sun tan lotions and holiday stuff. Exciting!!!!

Have a great weekend all!

Posted by Argy at 11:44 am
Blogger Linda said...

Ahh!!! yes on Atkins you can have sausage, philly and all the horrid fatty foods that coat our ateries with fat although yep some people do lose weight following the Atkins but this can't possibly do our arteries any good and I think may make our blood thicker and not flow as smoothly which we know that blood takes oxygen to all our internal organs, to our brain, heart etc etc which in turn helps all our body to function properly ORRRRRR you can follow Weight Watchers and have that sausage and philly but in smaller amounts so as to save your points to spread around you day, so I think Weight Watchers is good to be able to basically have anything and any recipe from any diet plan but just count the points into each day - ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

Linda x

1:56 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Ugh that ketosis taste!!!!! I remember it all too well. And that weird light-headed headachy 'wired' feeling, did you get that too? Atkins may work but it just isn't worth all the 'weirdness' it creates in our bodies!

4:00 am


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