Thursday, July 22, 2004
I want to thank you for leaving comments in here. You are all so kind. And I feel so useless too! Because unless you write your email or url add I have no idea how to contact you! Ain't I useless indeed?! (puter wise at least ;o)

Posted by Argy at 1:27 pm
Blogger Shauny said...

it was me asking about the recipe! thank you for your email! i signed up with blogger just so i could comment here :P

3:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Silverella,

I've been enjoying your intresting, funny updates for some time but never posted a comment - I just love the way you write! I was laughing aloud at my desk reading your story about best friends hubby's diet-day-off, it's amazing how male brain works :D
Concerning stress at work -I just read JFK's biograpfy, and it was very helpful - now when I feel destressed because of deadlines at work, I just put my "problems" at perspective thinking what huge pressures JFK had when wondering if he should press the atomic bomb button or save the world from distruction...If I get my memo ready in time suddenly does not seem that important ;)

Have a nice, sunny day!

Tanja from Finland

2:37 pm


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