Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Another challenging day...
Allo me blog! Feel proud for me because I was so strong last night!

After work I went to see my bestest gf's husband. See, my girlfriend is visiting family in Chicago, and I am sort of looking after her husband. So the deal was I would go by their store near closing time, we would go to their house, where my husband would come after work, I would cook, and we would make all the plans for our 8 days of holidays, so that when Sofia returns depressed (she always returns depressed from Chicago cos she always misses her cousins there) we will have everything ready for her to cheer her up.

Safe it sounded, since I was doing the cooking!

But the men thought otherwise.

They had phoned each other secretly, and had arranged a binge! See, my gf's hubby is really big. Since March I persuaded to see my holistic guru and he is in a very tight program as well. He has lost 30 kilos since then, but still has 50 more to loose. Sofia has been watching him closely, but now she is away he decided to have a "day off". And he arranged it with my husband!

So we arrived at their house, and I was getting ready to get in their kitchen, when he told me to relax and have a glass of water and a smoke before cooking. He took my containers (I had cut the veggies I bought during lunch time in the office - tis nice to have a kitchen at work - for the grill, had bought chicken breasts for them, etc) and put them in the fridge.

So we started talking and then the doorbell rung and here comes my husband with his hands full of bags! Let me tell you what he brought:

Chinese fried goodies - philly and shrimp wontons, spring rolls, mince won tons, fried sesame shrimps
Burgers - bacon and egg burger, bacon mushroom melt burger, bbq burger
Potato skins with melted cheddar
3 pitta gyros
A pint of Haagen Dazs Cookies n' Cream
A pint of HD Strawberry Cheesecake
A pint of HD Belgian Chocolate


And I left him standing with all this in his hands, went to the kitchen, took out their grilling pan, put my veggies on it, grilled them, took my yogurt, added some shredded cucumber and garlic, and returned to them.

I must tell you I was very angry when I entered that kitchen. I was angry with my friend, who is 37 yrs old (I know him since our early teens) and still weighs 155 kilos, probably for the same reasons I am sometimes angry with myself. I was angry with my husband because he eats a mountain of food and stays thin and fit like a supermodel. I was angry because I wanted to eat all these so much. And I was really hungry too, so I was extra cranky!

All the time I was cooking my meal none of them approached the kitchen, and they were mighty quiet too.

So when my food was ready, I took my plate and a fork, and went to the balcony. I peed my pants laughing when I saw them. Each was holding a piece of paper in front of their face with a :o( face on it and SORRY written too.

They were hilarious! Men can be such boys sometimes!

They ate almost everything. I ate my thing being killed by their foods smells all the time. I ate 2 slices of watermelon too. But nothing else. And I rediscovered that water with lotsa icecubes and leaves of spearmint and fresh basil tastes great and makes you feel like having a treat and not just water.

We had an evening full of laughs and teases. They treated me like I was their mean school teacher and I was lecturing them all the time pointing my finger to them. It was an act and we all enjoyed it. Needless to say my anger evaporated.

But we made all the plans for our holidays and we all got excited and we also called Sofia and we all had a blast!

This morning I woke up an hour later than I should have. And because I had stuff to do with banks and other administrative things, I had no time for the treadmill :(

But when I finished my chores I decided to walk to work, so I walked for an hour - about 4 to 5 kms. Athens is gorgeous when it is windy. Warm but not too hot, with clear blue sky. After a few days of strong wind (and its been windy for more than a week!) I get out of the house in the morning and I feel like I have cleaned my sunglasses! Do you know what I mean? Have you ever wore your sunglasses with dust and then cleaned it and realise that everything looks so much cleaner and brighter? This is Athens after windy days...cleaner and brighter!

Posted by Argy at 1:05 pm
Blogger Dazed said...

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3:22 pm

Blogger Shauny said...

bloody hell! now that is a mighty binge indeed. i am intruigued by your vegies and yogurt, do you just whack the vegies in the pan? or under a grill?

6:36 pm

Blogger Shrinking Girl said...

Congratulations on being so strong. Eating right when everyone around you is being bad is soooo hard!!

12:45 pm


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