Friday, August 06, 2004
or else...why does the last day before holidays have to be hell-in-the-office????

I have been here since 8 am and the only reason I came sooooooo early is thinking that I'd be done by noon and then go finish with holidays preps. I still haven't bought my books, haven't packed, haven't had breakfast or lunch, and its friggin 16.40!!!!!

I think I must have had this window open for at least a couple of hours!

So this morning I was thinking that when I will come back from holidays I will have so much catching up to do with your blogs and progress. It got me all excited! I will have something to look forward to.

I will have to go back to work now hoping I will finish before the bookstores close!!!!

The postcard offer still stands. Tomorrow we are leaving in the afternoon, so surely I will have my morning coffee catching up on blogosphere! Email me with your address if you want :o)

Have fun these three weeks to come, enjoy life, yourselves, and the sun!

Posted by Argy at 4:44 pm
Blogger Tracy said...

Oh I would love a postcard! This is onw of the moments when I hate being so computer-illiterate - I just can't seem to find your e-mail address...There must be some really easy way to send e-mail through blogger but i'm just such a blonde I can't figuer it out. My e-mail is just in case you'll be able to send an e-postcard :) No panic though, just enjoy the holiday, you've more than deserved some sun&fun :D

6:01 pm

Blogger Jenniy said...

Oooh, I'd LOVE a postcard!! If it's not too late (I don't know what time it is there or when you leave) you can email me and I'll give you my address. If it is too late, not a problem :) Have a great vacation!!

6:46 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

I haven't been online for 5 days I'm sorry I missed you before you left. I'd love a postcard too - my email is Hope you have a fantastic trip! XXX

5:35 am


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