Tuesday, July 13, 2004
The Chain...and why I have to keep all the rings together!
You see, it is that simple. (Actually it will be that simple if "rings" is the right english to use...do you call the small parts a chain consists of rings?!?)

If I wake up in the morning, and do my 40 mins in the treadmill, I am hungry afterwards, so eating breakfast is not something I HAVE to do, but something I enjoy.

If I eat my breakfast, then I get in a oh so healthy mood, therefore I prepare a healthy lunch to take with me to work.

If i eat a healthy lunch at work, I feel great, and I get all creative in my mind, usually coming up with a new combination of healthy ingredients that will find their way to my cooking pot for dinner.

If I eat a good and healthy dinner, I feel content but not full or sick, so our evening is always better.

If I do my 40 mins in the treadmill in the morning, by 11.30 I am ready to go to bed.

If I sleep before midnight, I am all refreshed in the morning, and doing my 40 mins in the treadmill seems like a piece of cake, therefore I do 20 mins more.

If I do 20 mins more of exercise in the morning, I am a lot more hyper during the day, and a lot more focused, since exercising looses my tension and stress from all the crisis I have at work, therefore I have a better working day. Plus I get tired earlier in the evening, and we go to bed at 11, which gives me extra time for cuddles and sleep.

If I have a good working day, I have a far better evening at home because I do not have crisis occupy my mind *wink*

If I have a great mood in the evening, that means I am not bored or stressed therefore my mind doesnt drift away to chocolate icecream.

If I dont think of chocolate icecream I dont eat chocolate icecream.

If I dont eat chocolate icecream, I do not wake up full of guilt in the morning, therefore my 60 mins in the treadmill is something I am so looking forward to.

It's so damn simple. Just keep all the rings together. You can't fail with this trick!

P.S. I have been that good the last 6 days! And I had my husband hide the scales too! I will weigh in on August 6, last working Friday before H O L I D A Y S ! ! !

Posted by Argy at 5:32 pm
Blogger Dazed said...

Keep those rings (thats what I call 'em) together, you can do it!
Thanks for the comment on the legs, they've never been my problem, its the LOOOOOOOOOVE handles, thick waist, and self esteem that I'm working on! =)

8:57 pm

Blogger Shauny said...

you are so very smart :)

4:54 pm


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