Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Second Day of the Challenge - Details
I am really very happy! Last March, when I saw this holistic med, my body was in a very bad condition. I was so full of toxins, my liver and kidneys were tired, my skin was dull, you get the picture.
I went through a very tough detox for almost 3 months. First 3 weeks was a severe toughie. Half a yoghurt and a boiled apple for breakfast, a cup of boiled basmati rice and boiled carrots and broccoli with a little olive oil for lunch and a boiled apple and half a yogurt for dinner. No water 2 hrs before and after meals. No coffee. Horrendous tasting chinese herbs. You get the picture again.
His approach to weight loss is that in order to loose weight one should first detox their system. Toxins nest in the body fat. They somehow bond fat cells together. When someone is going through fat loss the toxins are released in our body. This is why all "western" diets suggest an increase in our water intake when dieting, so that we flush some of these toxins through out our kidneys.
So according to him, if I detox my system first, then the fat will loose its "bonds" and come off easier.
Since March I have lost 13 kilos with his approach. Actually From March to May I have lost 13 kilos. From May to July 19 I have been loosing and gaining the same couple of kilos. So yesterday I went to see him all determined as you might remember to ask him for another detox program.
So I went to his office, worded my claim, and had him examine me. He is usually very talkative while he examines. But not yesterday. After 20 minutes, he asked: "What did you say you want?" "A new 3 week detox" I said. "Oh...you sure?" he asked... "Yep, give it to me, I don't mind if it is tough like the one in March, I am determined to do it" I said proudly. "Yep, you do sound determined, and this is very good.." he said "...but there is a serious problem with your body now"
I panicked. What was wrong with me?! He must have seen the panic in my eyes, cos he said in a lighter tone ... "A detox diet requires one basic thing. The existence of toxins in one's body. And your body is mighty clean, besides your lungs, but eating right won't help with this" (I am a smoker to become an ex smoker in September to come hopefully, since we are planning in starting a family, but I'll have my smokes till then!)
I was stunned! I tell you. I think I was equally happy as if I magically got on the scales and read 69 kg!
I see him every fortnight. And we have been working a lot together. Acupuncture, herbs, mineral infusions. Our sessions are 60 mins long and they are all an adventure. And the best part is that they all have worked. I feel so much better, more energetic, etc. But to have him say I don't need a detox!!!!
Anyway...I been bubblier than bubbly!
So...he told me to put all my determination into loosing, and stop cheating with the excuse of learning to maintain! He can be so blunt at times...and
What I will eat for these next three weeks:
Breakfast: 2 pieces of the same fruit, half a yogurt
Lunch: a cup of boiled brown rice, grilled veggies, olive oil
or  120 gr lean protein, grilled or boiled veggies, olive oil, apple vinegar
Dinner: when I have rice for lunch dinner will be grilled veggies with baked potato and fruit. When I have protein for lunch dinner will be grilled veggies  and yogurt or cottage cheese.
I can have two more pieces of fruit during the day, no other dairy, and I negotiated one coffee too!!! If I'm hungry I can munch on carrots and cucumbers.
So here...my brand new eating plan.
It is funny how when I have such a strict routine to follow I get totally dedicated to it. Why can't I be normal???? lol
This morning I had my husband hide the scales again. I will weigh in next Monday.
I did 30 minutes on the treadmill...I'm not over the cold that tortured me last weekend (part of the pizzapittagyrosicecream eating was due to me feeling miserable sneezing instead of sunbathing). But I feel determined!
Here. Fullstop. Too long a post again!

Posted by Argy at 12:28 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Darlin! Yay for you and no toxins!! That must feel great. Don't feel bad, I'm not normal either. I can do a very strict food plan, or eat everything I want. I have NO balance. Thanks for introducing yourself, I'm enjoying reading you! I'm going to go read more! Take care, Carrie (rdhdprincess.diaryland.com)

12:51 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, me again! I just read your white tank top entry and had to come back and tell you how fabulous it was! Good for you. I loved it! (I have white, fat arms. Argh!!) Great attitude there. I might be nice to my tummy tonight, in your honor!

12:57 am


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