Monday, July 19, 2004
My 21-days Challenge
Here I am, on a Monday morning, all determined. This is what a weekend with bad food will do to you. Pizza (pizza?! I don't even really like pizza!!!), pita gyros, and lotsa ice cream will do this to you! It will make you wake up on Monday, call hubby and ask him where he has hidden the scales, get on, thank god for a 400 gr. gain, and get you all determined for a 21 day challenge.
You see, on August 8 we are leaving for holidays. Our trully longed for and very deserved holidays. 22 days in the sun with nothing both of us HAVE to do. 8 days with friends and 14 days just the two of us. Bliss I tell you!
So I have decided I need to focus into some serious weigh loss these next three weeks before we leave for holidays. I am going to see my holistic med this evening and ask him for a 3 week detox. He has given me one back in March and I resulted in loosing lotsa kilos in 3 weeks.
I am aiming for 5 kilos   this time. I don't think its not feasible. It's less than two kilos a week. Easy peasy (sp?)
So this mornign I had 2 peaches for breakfast. And I grilled zucchinis and portobello mushrooms for lunch. And I will have grilled veggies with yogurt for dinner. And after he gives me my diet for the 3 weeks I will post it here and you will have to be bored with daily food and daily gr. lost for the next 21 days. And you can wish me luck, cos usually his detox diets are tougher than tough!
I can post my exercise routine for the next 21 days too!
I will have to spend at least 40 mins in the treadmill every morning. And do a walk every evening on my way home from work. I will average 10 km a day.
I  feel determined. I think I have had enough fun lately with maintaining mainly. Having a good week and then have it ruined. The good thing is that I have maintained. So now I learned how to do this, perhaps it is time for some loosing, don't you think?
Anyone else up for a good 21 days of loosing?

Posted by Argy at 12:32 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you sound pumped!!! I'll be watching closely for the next 3wks. Maybe that's what I need to kick these last few kilos! Thanks so much for your comments on my tagboard! I had a chuckle at your 'suckup'comment lol

Lyn @

10:53 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey gorgeous! I'm with you on having had enough fun with maintaining lately - 2 months at the same weight, enough is enough. So yeah I'll be into a 21 day challenge. I have my grandmother's 80th birthday party on the 14th August and I'd love to have lost a couple of kilos by then. Might even try joining you on the detox, if you can post the details?

1:35 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't intend to post a comment anonymously but wasn't sure how else to post since i don't have this kind of blog. Anyway...just wanted to say that i am very interested in your diet and exercise program and would love to hear how you well you lose, if it is successful and so forth. I am very new to the exercise part of weight loss and not sure what much, long or often i need to exercise. GOOD LUCK! Cindie

4:19 am


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