Sunday, December 10, 2006
Things than suddenly appeared in my house!
Right, in matter of importance:

in my refrigerator, since yesterday, one will find the following items, that were almost never there for me to eat, as part of a daily diet:

organic milk
organic vanilla bifidus yoghurt

in the kitchen counter:

a huge basket with oranges for juice
a huge jar with home made musli containing: organic oat flakes, organic rye flaks, flaxseeds, organic almonds, organic sultanas

in the kitchen table:

a basket with organic bananas, apples, kiwis, pomedegranades, mandarins

in the cupboard:

organic almonds, walnuts, decaf organic espresso, low sodium sea salt, and the follwoing supplements: green algae capsules, colostrum capsules, green energy capsules (containing alfa-alfa, spirulina and green algae).

in my bath:

levander calming and soothing shower gel

in my desk, as I wite this:

breakfast consisting of a small (125 gr) vanilla -bifidus yoghurt, 2 Tsp of musli, a small banana, and a glass of fresh orange juice (all of them are a struggle to eat, since breakfast and I dont go together!)

in my laptop:

a new folder in the favourites, named "expecting"

in my night stand's drawer :

blood results from an hCG test with the indication: Pregnancy Examination: Positive


I did not know I was pregnant on Wednesday night, when I wrote my last post. I was a couple of days late, but still, with all thats going on in my life the last months, my period had gone all crazy, and spotting would appear mid-cycle too. So when spotting started to appear last monday, I thought it was yet another hard period trying to come with me stopping it in a way with my state of mind and soul.

I had actually taken a home pregnancy test on Tuesday and it was negative, so I was just hoping that my period would arrive sooner than later, cos I was very edgy and pms-y.

Plus, Angelos was supposingly taking pre-cautions. He told me he does not want me to get pregnant untill he is certain he wants to stay for ever, and I wholeheartadly agreed with him. So I told him that contraception was his responsibility, since I have never been on the pill and never would, as I am very adamant about fake hormones entering my body unnecessarily. So he decided on the "pull out now" tactic.

I took a home test on Friday morning and it was positive. And took the blood test right away and it is possitive too. I'm 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. SInce early 2004, we have tried on and off and it had never happened. And now a sould chose me to mother them! Tell me it is not a gift and I will stick my tongue out for you!

I am happy. Calm. Serene. And not at all scared. Not at all panicked. With the miscarriage I had 8 years ago, I always thought that when I will get pregnant, I will spend the first trimester in angst and fear of miscarrying again. The thought does not even crosses my mind. I am going to have this baby. Even if I have to stay in bed the whole time. With or without him.

He, on the other hand is shocked. When I told him, he hugged me and congratulated me, but was not really into it. I think he feels a bit trapped. And I can see an excitement in his eyes at times. When for istance I mentioned casually that I am going to bring another PAO (my football team) supporter to the world, he starts a debate with jokes and smiles about how his son will follow his football team and not mine, and at that moments he seems like his old self. He is much more tender while we sleep too. He hugs me and caresses me in his sleep in a very sweet way.

My major problem now is smoking.

I was up to 3 packs a day for the last 4-5months. And Im on 5-7 cigarettes a day since friday, and yet, it makes me want to walk on the ceiling. I am quiting soon. But the doctor told me on the phone on friday that the adrenaline of going cold turkey will be more harmful than 5 smokes a day at this stage.

I have an appointment with my gyno on Tuesday for an ultrasound and the first things. What tests to take, and the likes.

My parents are deliriously happy and incredibly sweet. But they insists on not telling anyone till I complete my first trimester. The first couple of days I was thinking about not telling anyone as well. Now I think I am not going to tell anyone at work till then. But to be honest, I would go first thing Monday morning to the printer and print flyers and distribute them around athens, if I could.

I just wish I could share this joy with him. But to tell you the truth, suddenly, the thought of being without him is not that paralysing anymore. I have got the best of him inside me. The part of him that is trully compatible with me is in my uterus growing as we speak. It is his decision to chose if he wants to share this full time with me or not. As it is my decision to have a happy pregnancy regardless of his behaviour.

Also, we were supposed to go to prague for christmas. I have paid already the deposit, which is 700 euros and non - refundable. I did not know then. I will do whatever the doctor tells me.If he says I should not travel, then I will not.

As it seems, my body still has its juices. I savour each happy tear with intense appreciation. It is about time those eyes shed some happy tears too, don't you think?

Keep my bub in your prayers, will you? With all the unpleasant things around me I need all the prayers and white bubbles I can have!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:28 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did dream of happy healthy babies the other night, just like I told you :-) Hehe.

I'm still grinning from ear to ear thinking of your news!

This is the most serene you have sounded about anything for a long time. It is so lovely to read :-)

I think that is the magic of a baby, suddenly anything you may need to face in the future, is not so bad or scary, because you have to get through it for your child.

Much love to you Argy, I'm so happy for you!

11:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't life just amazing!?! I am so happy for you, and wish you the best health for next 9 months (and forward too)!

11:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Argy!

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


12:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Argy!

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


lms @

12:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy, I am so happy for you. You sound truly happy.
I was a heavy smoker when I found out I was pregnant also. For the 1st couple of weeks I would smoke about 4 a day and then by about the 3rd month I realised I couldn't do this to the life I was trying to grow inside of me. Don't stress, enjoy your pregnancy. Lots of love xx

1:03 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Congratulations!!!!! Omg, I so didn't expect to hear that news when I came here. It is truly a gift.

1:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Argy.. a baby!! Timing? well who are we to argue with the timing of such things. Congratulations and yes, do work on that smoking. It really is the worst kind of chemical both now and for when baby is born. I don't want to preach but you know what you need to do.

11:26 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy such beautiful news. I can feel your joy through the computer it is amazing.

Happy thoughts, good wishes, prayers and all else you need coming your way :-)

12:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Argy, Congratulations! Fate is such an amazing thing! I am so looking forward to following this new phase of your journey! Love, light & Laughter for you (& Angelos).

XX Cat (Melbourne)

3:55 am

Blogger LisaB said...

Congratulations Argy :)
It is such a beautiful little miracle. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy my dear,
PS. I am having my bubs next Tuesday.

6:11 am

Blogger kimba said...

I told you that you were still bloody juicy! :)

Deepest congratulations darling. What wonderful, wonderful news.

Sending all the love and white bubbles you could ask for XOXOX

8:41 am

Blogger M@rla said...

How wonderful! Oh Argy I am so happy for you! How smart of that little baby to choose you.

2:36 pm

Blogger Denise said...

You should be OK to travel until your last trimester, I think, but the doctor will tell you what's right for you. I am SO PLEASED for are going to be such a wonderful Mum!!!

Much, much love from sunny San Diego. xxxxoooo

12:00 am

Blogger Rachel said...

Congratulations, you sound so wonderful!

All the best for your pregnancy.

12:31 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time no talk stranger... am so pleased to hear of your news! I am so, so happy for you hun! Take care xxx

8:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats!! This must be so exciting for you. Thinking very good thoughts for you and Angelo and the little one.

4:01 pm

Anonymous Eleftheria said...

Argy, they always say that when you least expect it...EXPECT IT! I don't believe that there are any accidents in life, even when it may seem that way. This baby is the blessing you have wanted for a long time and I am thrilled for you. Being a mother is something independent of being a wife. One isn't dependent on the other and you seem to to know that very well. All the best to you!

8:02 am

Anonymous mimi said...

oh Argy that's fantastic news..congratulations...sending you good vibes from Australia...Mimi

9:23 am


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