Thursday, August 03, 2006
Three minutes after the third pregnancy test in three days I got my period, 3 days late. It is exactly like that and I find it a bit amusing.

And as soon as I got it I went to weigh in and what?! 86.8! So 88 was not really the weight. 88 was the bloated weight.

We are not leaving today. We changed the tickets for Tuesday. And I am not coming back on August 25. Im back on August 29.

Last night I had my real and strong break down. I suddenly begun to cry and I was crying for 3 hours, blabbering the whole time, telling Angelos everything about the why's and the how's of my job, sometimes in a low key voise and cry, sometimes with screams and yells and plangent sobs.

Today I feel clean. My husband feels trusted again. And they all can go fuck themselves. And Im actually being very nice and giving when Im saying this. A good fuck would clean their brains you know.

So I am in a Polyanna mood. I say its better I changed our holidays and we will be leaving on tuesday instead of today. I mean, who wants to travel for 12 hours in a ferry on the first day of her period? Who wants to go to the island and spend the first 3 days just looking at the sea, sitting in the beach under the tree reading? Instead, we will go on holidays and I wont be having the period to worry me for 3 weeks.

I tell you, be sweet and wish me that this will be the last period I will be having for 2006. And this is a good weight for me to fall pregnant too. I could gain 10 - 12 kilos and still be in double digits. The things I think of....

I got to go now. To work. Angelos is not working anymore. It will be nice to come home to him this evening. I have really missed returning home and finding someone to say hi to!

Posted by Argy at 9:08 am
Blogger LisaB said...

*fingers crossed and wishing for you Argy*

11:51 am

Anonymous dg said...


will be thinking of you argy baby!!! sending fertile thoughts your way! just be careful not to get sand in uncomfortable places when you're getting down on the beach. woohoo! xxox

1:12 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

My friend always said plant parsley if you want to be fertile. It might be an old wives tale but I have *always* bought my parsley at the market to be on the safe side!

Good thinking - far better to have your period at work and enjoy your hols! I bet you come back feeling like a new woman.

3:41 pm

Blogger linda said...

Incase I miss you before you go, have a fantastic holiday filled with lots of sun, sand and sex. Big kiss gorgeous girl. xx
ps. I just got off the phone to my dad who is in Crete - I'm very envious.

4:12 pm

Blogger Denise said...

What a lovely story you will have to tell your little one when s/he asks where s/he was conceived!!!

(Keeping you in my thoughts here, too.)

7:13 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Sending you LOTS of pregnant vibes darling!!! I got pregnant on my summer vacation, so hopefully the midsummer baby-making magic will happen for you too :)

9:08 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Oh yes and it's nice to have A home concerning the baby making efforts too :) I'm a little envious - I did not get the idea of baby making until AFTER our holiday! And now I only see DH like once a week - what a pressure that creates... ;) Have a great holiday Pretty!

10:48 am

Blogger M@rla said...

This holiday will be just the right thing for you and Angelos - you need the break so much and you need unpressured time with each other. I know you will fall deeply in love all over again, and conceive a gorgeous perfect baby on a beautiful summer night on your magic island!

4:09 pm

Blogger Kate said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday - it is much much needed and deserved, and I think.. so is a baby!

Babies make everything else (especially jobs) seem very insignificant, and make all the good things in life seem even sweeter.

Thinking of you beautiful girl, and my fingers are crossed for you!

11:25 am

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