Saturday, July 15, 2006
11.37 am
Yep, tis when I woke up this morning! And I slept at 11 o clock last night! I slept for more than 12 hours and you know what? I woke up because my bladder comanded it, and wanted to go back to bed but then I saw the time and decided that I just HAD toget up.

I have been sleeping for 3-4 hrs every night this last week. The period from hell kept me away from the morning swims till yesterday. No morning exercise combined with a lot of tension at work, and a bit of marital tension kept me up till 4 or 5 am all week. When you sleep at 4 and wake up at 8 you are not a very happy person you know.

But yesterday, although I had only slept for 3 hrs, I obliged to the alarm clock at 6 am, got up, put on the swiming suit, and went to the beach. And I ended up going to bed at 11. Insomnia? Work out early in the morning. No other cure!!!!

I have to go out shopping very soon. We are baptising my baby niece this evening. I have no proper shoes to wear with the dress I got from a friend. Me that used to prepare the outfit a month in advance for the all family and friends functions, such as weddings and christenings, had nothing planned (and nothing proper either) till Tuesday. So I was telling this to a friend and she asked me if I wanted to try on the dress she wore in her sister's wedding last week. Now this friend is about 10 kilos less than me and 5 cm higher. But the magical dress fitted me and could also fit a woman 20 kilos less and another 10 kilos more. I love tricky clothes like this. It is very original, a tailor made from one of the most famous greek designers, very expensive that makes me really afraid to wear it in case I spoil it, but magnificent all together so I am taking the risk of putting it on. It's black, very long and very dressy, and designed to be worn with really high heels (and still the fabric touches the ground) but I decided to make it a bit more appropriate for a christening, so I tied the ends of the fabric in small assymetrical knots and now all I need is a pair of gold flip flops and I will be fine. Actually I will be fine as soon as I find a great strapless bra too, cos its a strapless dress. I have a black bolero to wear with it, in case I get the chicken wings arms panick, though Angelos insist of me going bare armed. Shock horror!

I really need to take the rest of the day and devote it to looking spectacular.

I really need to awake my feminine part again. I have been trying a bit lately. I took out the sheer thongs I bought last summer and replaced the cotton briefs in my underwear drawer. I try to not look at the cute, comfy cotton nighties I have when I return home from work and change, and choose the not so comfy but more feinine satin ones with straps and lace and all the womanly cuts.

This has to be my main focus really. I need to get back to mani's and pedi's, I need to get out and do some shopping (sales start on monday!!!!).

I need all this otherwise I will fade inside me. I am nothing but a "try - to - do - the - job - sufficiently" manager for months and this is hurting me. A lot.

So, no matter how not in the mood I am for finding the perfect pair of gold flip flops, I will hit "Post"now and get out of the door ASAP!

Posted by Argy at 11:58 am
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Good luck with the shoe shopping and we totally *must* see some photos of you in this heavenly dress :)

6:19 pm

Anonymous dg said...

i got out of bed at 11am today and thought i must have been the laziest person in europe, but looks like there's a new contender ;)

hope you have a lovely time! and yes, we demand photos!

6:21 pm

Blogger Denise said...

Photos, yes, and do try to sneak in the mani/pedi before your event. It's a small thing but I know that you'll feel like the true beauty you are once your fingers and toes are soft, smooth, and beautiful!

6:27 pm

Blogger M said...

Hope you managed to bag a bargain or twenty LOL.

And I too would love to see a photo of you in that dress, but at the very least of your heavenly feet in gold flip-flops :D

4:50 pm

Blogger airlie said...

oh - it is soooooooo cold here and I am so jealous that u can swim in the mornings at the moment, and even moreso because it is the ocean!! WAH!

4:28 pm

Blogger LisaB said...

Hi Argy!
I have a new journal, and I tried to email you the link, but both email addy's I have don't work. Flick me an email, and I will send on the link if you want it.
LisaB xxx

2:54 am

Blogger Brad said...

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